Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anime Review!!! Suite Precure!!

Title: Suite Pretty Cure, スイート プリキュア♪ Suīto PuriKyua♪
Genres: Magical Girl, Action, Comedy
Age Rating: PG Everyone

Summary: The world of Major Land was almost plunged into total sorrow and sadness when Mephisto takes the Melody of Happiness and changes it into a song of sorrow and sadness. Due to this Aphrodite the empress of Major Land scatters the notes and sends Hummy to the Human world to find them before Mephisto finds them. And also find the legendary soldiers Pretty Cure.

Hibiki Hojo is athletic and loves sweets. Kanade Minamino is a straight A student and loves to back cakes. These two are a very funny pair but it turns out they once were best friends. But now their conversations turn into fights. How could these two be the legendary soldiers, Pretty Cure?

Ok Ok calm down..........I'm freaking out because there is another season of Pretty Cure that just came out. And I didn't know! If you don't know what Pretty Cure is then here. Pretty Cure is basically a magical girl anime. There are different seasons. Here is the list! I'm sure if they are in the right don't blame me!

Futari wa Pretty cure and Futari wa Pretty cure Max heart

Characters: Cure Black (Nagisa) and Cure White (Hanoka) This is the first season of Pretty cure.

Futari wa Pretty cure Splash star

Characters: Cure Bloom (Mai) and Cure Egret (Saki)

The art and story are similar with Splash star and Futari wa pretty cure. Without the other pretty cure, they cannot transform. Throughout the story the pair of friends always go through some type of problems. Either its them or the enemy problem. If they don't work together they will get their butt kicked by the enemy really easily. Also like any magical girl series, the fight scenes are totally predictable.

Yes! Pretty cure 5 and Yes! Pretty cure 5 Go! Go!

Characters: Cure Dream (Nozomi), Cure Rouge (Rin), Cure Lemonade (Urara), Cure Mint (Komachi) and Cure Aqua (Karen)

Fresh Pretty Cure

Charactes: Cure Peach (Love), Cure Berry (Miki) and Cure Pine (Inori)

Heartcatch Pretty cure

Characters: Cure Blossom (Tsubomi) and Cure Marine (Erika)

If you ever watch the Pretty cure seasons you will start to notice right away that the stories do not intertwine with the story before it. Also that the art is really different. The only thing they have in common is that they all have a theme and some kind of animal friend that isn't from their world. Its quite predictable. 

Suite Pretty cure

Characters: Cure Melody (Hibiki), Cure Rhythm (Kanade), Hummy

Anyway, down to the point. I'm freaking out and I couldn't believe that they made another Pretty cure season. At first glance I thought it would turn out like the other Pretty cure generations. When I actually started to watch it, I really liked it.

I didn't get annoyed with Hummy's catch phrase. Most stuffy like animals go with their name. Like in the first season: Mepple. Mepple says, "Mepple" after every single sentence. I'm sorry but its really annoying. Hummy is a cat and he says "Nya" or in English Meow. I don't get really annoyed with that.

I'm not sure if Suite Pretty cure is better than Heartcatch Pretty cure but....I still like it! I find it that I like the art better and the theme is better. Well thought out. The theme of Suite Pretty cure is Music. But I hate that there is a pink color in thier irritates me......why pink?!

Arigatou~!!!! ^0^