Monday, March 14, 2011

I love the Mangaka Natsumi Ando!!!!

Ando Natsumi, 安藤なつみ Andō awesome!!!! She is best known for Kitchen Princess (Click here to see what its about!) and in 2006 it won the Kodansha Manga Award for children. She also known for her overly awesome manga Zodiac P.I. Its been awhile since I actually read this one.......another one going on my read again list. Oh you know what makes me sad???? You can only read it online and the english version for this is no longer available in the US and Canada!!!! Its horrible!!! Why Tokyopop?!

Title: Zodiac P.I, 十二宮でつかまえ,  Jūnikyū de Tsukamaete
Author: Ando Natsumi
Genres: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Shojo, Supernatural
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Status: Completed
Age Rating: 13+ Teen

Summary: 13-year old Lili Hoshizawa is the Detective Spica. She uses astrology and horoscopes to solve numerous crimes. In order to transform into Dective Spica she uses a ring called the Star Ring that was left by her mother who also used it to transform into Dective Spica. Of course nobody knows her identity except her male childhood friend Hiromi.

Lili's goal is to find out what happened to her mother that is currently missing. Along the way she solves crimes. Will she find something about her mother? What kind of crimes are ahead?

This manga is my favorite out of everything Natsumi Ando has done! I love the mix of Magical girl and Mystery in the story! It was really interesting! It could of been a little longer.......

Title: Arisa
Author: Natsumi Ando
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Shojo, Drama, School life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Status: Ongoing
Age Rating: 13+ Teen

Summary: Since their parents divorce, tomboyish Tsubasa has only communicated with her kind and gentle twin, Arisa through letters. One day they decided to switch places and see what each others life was like. Tsubasa always thought Arisa had a great and joyous life not until her sisters sudden suicidal attempt. Now that event happened, Tsubasa wants to know what exactly happened to her sister and what caused her to act this way so she took her place in school by disguising as her sister, Arisa. What is her sisters secret? What is behind the kind classmate smile?

Arisa is soooooo good! Not as good as Zodiac P.I but its really amazing! It makes me want to know what happens next! Just to tell you......the classmates are really messed up. It really scares me. But don't let that get to you, I bet you will think the same way once you read this manga. Its really great!

Title: Wild Damon, Wild Heart, ワイルドだもん
Author: Natsumi Ando
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Status: Completed
Age Rating: 13+ Teen

Summary: Kagen Senno's father is an explorer and he brought Senno something very surprising back from his trip. A BOY! His name is Hyou and now lives with Senno. She is trying to help him adapt to the city. Will he be able to? Will something more happen if he lives with Senno?

The story really reminds me of the manga, Beast Master. I still like Wild Damon and its ok. Its quite predictable and I'm not satisfied with the ending! Just when it was getting good! Anyways, its just like any typical Shojo manga. I don't see anything different but I think this manga is soo funny! The way he tries to adapt to the city....its really funny! soo cute~!

Wild Damon Vol.01 Ch.001 at

This is her site.....I don't know how to read this!! Its in Japanese!! Good thing I'm learning!! (Not enough....'')