Monday, March 7, 2011

Life as a Highschool student

Ya know, life as a highschool student so bad. Or so I thought. For one we get wayy to much homework and we have this big huge responsibility. I like how we have different classes with different people.. (Thank god! I don't have to see the same person all the time!) We basically don't really do anything. The teacher just teaches us things then give us homework. That part is always boring but I get to see my friends all the time.

Going to school in the country is quite interesting. Do I go to a school in the country? Wait in a town? Oh who cares! Anyways, many people live on farms and when it is a snow day (which happens wayy to often) there is hardly anyone at school! Its soo much fun! We don't do anything! We just watch T.V and movies. Oh one time for math class we played board games for the whole time! I know board games are boring but I get to miss math class! Another time we didn't do math for a basketball game. We were losing but we missed math class once again. I love snow days..........

Another thing I love about Highschool is that there is an Exchange program! We get kids from France, Germany and Japan!! I finally met a girl from Japan! Did you know my life goal is go to Japan? I was soo happy! They have such high pitch voices.....its interesting!

Highschool I find, I get more freedom. After big tests we get the whole week off for breaks. The teachers are more fun, lively and interesting. I'm not saying that middle school was boring but the teachers are wayy more fun. They make classes more fun and interesting!!! > A <

Days are pretty normal for me. Maybe not it depends how funny and crazy your friends are. Here is one example. One day me and my best friend was walking down the hall-way during lunch break. We spot my other best friends brother talking to some girl on the other end of the hall.


Best Friend: He is so hot~!.....To bad he is a total Jerk

Chibiko: I know! I would ask him out if he wasn't!

-Stare at him while walking-


It seemed as if he heard us and then he did the most thing Korean guys would have done. FLIP HIS HAIR BACK WITH HIS HAND. He was soo hot when he did that. But it turned out to be so funny that me and my best friend just had to keep away from him and keep walking.

Best Friend and Chibiko: O_O (In mind, Keep walking pretend we didn't say anything and just keep walking!)
We walk up the stairs and tried not to laugh because the dude was near the stairs.

I know that wasn't funny but seriously if you were there it would have been!