Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day Surprise

Sigh.................I don't know what to think now! >:( Guess what I found in my locker for Valentines day? Tons of cute stuffed animals and fake flowers stuck on there. The worst part is, there wasn't any chocolate. But other than that, thats the cutest thing someone has done for me. I was No one has done it for me and great.........I was blushing so bad and smiling like an idiot. The bonus thing is, this person is the person I like! >:( I didn't see her (I know, a she. I'll explain things later!) all day though because of "certain circumstances". I was sad because I didn't get her anything for Valentines Day and I didn't get to spend anytime with her at all!


Anyways. Yesterday was quite interesting. People kept looking at my locker and reading what was on it because she taped the inside of my locker and wrote a whole bunch of cute pick up lines and poems. I seriously felt like my heart was about to burst. I come to school early but I was expecting to catch them doing stuff to my locker because I knew it was bound to happen. However, I catch a glimpse that my locker looked full and tape sticking out. My first thought was that they stuck garbage in my locker.

Peoples faces when they were walking embarrassing! >:(

I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the horrible!

You know why she did this to me? It was for the embarrassment and revenge. I won't tell you what I did to her because its just embarrassing. >/////< I won't tell! Anyways, how was everyone's Valentines Day? I know, a day late or so but.....whatever! I'll have some manga recommendations coming up soon~


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