Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nominated Again!

Hey guys!!! I hope the people I nominated are having fun answering questions that I've asked! :)) Before I go about asnwering the questions I was nominated for, I want to tell you guys about my day! :D School is going great!! I LOVE all my classes and my teachers! I don't have math this semester so I'm all good!! I only have Chem 20/30 (I have to write my grade 12 diploma this nervous!), Bio and L.A! I'm soo happy!! I have all my favorite classes but I'm going to miss french. :( I loved french! It's sadly my highest mark out of all my other classes. Anyways, shall we get started with answering these questions?


I have been nominated by Estelle and Brogan Sprague. I was nominated by ~River~ but I ended up getting nominated again which I don't mind! Answering these questions are always fun~! :D

1. What is you favourite band? (If you can't decide, please list a few that you love)

Uh..............I have quite a few!! I listen to Korean and Japanese music alot so my list will be quite long but I'll put my recent favorites on here.

- Block B
- Orange Range
- C.N Blue
- FT Island
- Shinee
- Super Junior
- Tara
- Big Bang
- Home made Kazoku

The list could go on. I just listen to too many songs..........most of them are boy bands!! I just love their hot and good looking guys. Why do they live in Korea or Japan?! Come to Canada and preform live just for us fangirls!!

2. What is your favourite Marvel movie? (if you don't know what Marvel is, I will personally kill you)

I love Captain America, The Avengers.............hmmmmmmmmm......what else? I just love any Marvel movie because Marvel makes the best comics and movies EVER! So amazing.......I always fall in love with the story line and it makes me soooo happy~!!

3. Who is your favourite character in Big Bang Theory? (If you don't watch / like it, name your favourite show and tell me your favourite character)

I love Sheldon. He makes me smile every single time with his comments even if I don't understand some of it. He makes the Big Bang Theory complete for me!

4. Which do you prefer and why: Star Trek, Star Wars or Stargate?

I don't know!!!!!!! I love them all!!!! >:( I think I would go with Stargate.....don't ask me why because well.............I CAN'T DECIDE. Why the fudge did you make me decide?!?!? I love them!!! ARGH! This is going to bother me for the rest of my life. Maybe I should just watch those series again and come back to you. For now, I'm undecided. :P

5. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I wanted to spread the word about new manga releases and recommend awesome manga's to people around the world. I want to make everyone an otaku like me! Also for the utter fact that I hate losing so my friend challenged me to see who would get the most followers/views on their blog. Guess who won? :) But anyways, my main purpose was to get the word out and satisfy peoples need to find a great manga/anime to read/watch. I enjoy doing it! So much fun! Also, I used to write every single manga I've read and I always end up losing it so blogging made it easier with tracking things I've read and recommended. Thank god for internet! ^_^

6. Play any sports? (Martial Arts included)

I used to Figure skate! Would playing chess count? I don't really play any physical sports........I like to play basketball or run when I feel like it.

7. What do you prefer and why: listening to music or playing music?

I like both! Playing is fun when you are with friends and just jamming and having fun. Listening to music makes me happy or sad and it makes me feel alot better. There's tons of awesome music out there to listen to and when I want to, I always have this feeling to find the sheet music and physically play it on the piano or flute. It's so much fun!

8. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I might as well as something related to it: do you have a crush / significant other and what would be your ideal date?

I have a crush. He is from a manga unfortunately. I guess my dreams are over. I don't really like anyone in real life and everyone just seems to be taken or just a jerk so I try to stay away from unecessary feelings because I'm just not ready for them! Anyways, my ideal date would be probably be with a nice and good looking man. He would take me to an expensive restaurant and I would eat and eat and eat! I would be so happy........after that, we would go somewhere and have coffee and just talk then off my or his house to talk some more. I would probably have an anime marathon with him! :) I want to date a hot otaku like me! ^_^

9. What is your favourite Disney movie?

I personally love the Little Mermaid or Cinderella...........I don't know!! I love them all!! Disney makes me extremely happy. I pretty much grew up with Disney movies.

10. What do you plan to do when you're older? (please be a bit more specific than "be alive")

Hmm..............I want to find myself a hot looking boyfriend. Who knows. I want to graduate, pass math (please god!), go to a nice university, graduate and become a nurse or doctor.

11. If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be? (x-nay on the wishing for more wishes!)

I want..........hmm..........................a boyfriend! >:) HAHA! I'm kidding! I don't know! This is probably the hardest question ever! I don't know what to wish for. I want to travel the world, buy ALOT of manga and have my very own library in my house.........also live in a nice house and have maids and everything! I want to rich and graduate with good know, what everyone wants in a good life. :) I wished for alot of things.

Ok! Time for Brogans questions! Hopefully I have satisfied you!! :D

1. Who is your favorite superhero and why? (Don't forget the girl ones!)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......................................CAPTAIN AMERICA. I love him!!! I love his personality and the way he fights. I admire his strong will and great, he's quite hot. :) So delicious~! Does the ones from the animes count too? :) I have alot from animes but I probably shouldn't say.....I have wayyyy to many! :D

2. If you could go anywhere in the world, and money was no issue, where would you go and why? (Bonus: who would you take with you?)

I would go travel Asia because its the country I was originally from and I would love to travel around there! Philippines, Korean, Japan or China would be great places to start!

3. There's a huge hurricane coming and you only have room for one more in your car. There's your best friend, who also saved your life, an old woman who needs to get to the hospital and the love of your life. What would you do? myself, and hope for the best. I'll probably end up staying with them. I don't care. We are all going together. I don't want to leave anyone behind! I'll make something work. Either we die together or survive together, thats how it works. No questions aloud! >:)

4. If you could fly, would you do it Superman style, or would you have wings?

Obviously I'll have wings! I love wings!! Even if they are a hassle, they are just so freaking cool!!! My wings would be white and beautiful! I'll be an angel! :DD

5. What is your guilty pleasure that no one would guess?


I don't know............I have a tendency to look at hot men on the internet. Well, everyone knows that. I read tons of Yaoi (gay manga) and I can't help but fantasize about good looking guys. It's just my nature! Don't judge me! >:( Hot men are always nice to look at! :D

6. Where would you rather live? In the city, the woods, the countryside, or suburbia?

I would rather live in a city because there are malls, bookstores (I LOVE BOOKSTORES) and great people. I know that is debatable but I attract friends no matter where I go. I love meeting new people!

7. What was your favorite movie as a kid?

I love wayy to many movies. I love all the Inuyasha movies......any Hayao Miyazaki films or Barbie movies! To be perfectly honest, I still watch Barbie movies. I know, such a loser I am but whatever! I'm still a kid.......I'm sixteen but whatever!

8. What is your favorite, tried and true, cold remedy for when you are sick? I.E.: What do you like to do to make yourself comfortable? Who do you want around?

I always watched t.v or just slept. Sleeping is always a great remedy when one is sick! I would love to have my mother around and take care of me. I'm such a baby still and I love my mama! I would take tons of pillows and create some kind of wall with them and sleep in my fort. I don't get sick very much anymore cause I don't have time! I have to take good care of myself so I don't have to suffer!

9. Have you ever been in love?

>////<! *Looks away*

Are you sure?

Ok ok ok. Everyone can define the meaning of love. I think I'm only at the crush stage but still. I don't know what it means to be "in love". So confusing! So to answer your question, yes I have. I don't know if I want to talk about it.......this person is driving me up the wall right now! >:(

10. If you had to choose, would you rather be on Wipeout!, Fear Factor, or Lights Out?!

Wipeout, DUH! It's wayy better than eating gross food on Fear Factor or yeah. Wipeout seems like more fun! Hahaha! :D

11. Would you rather be raised by lions or wolves? Why?

I would rather be raised by wolves because well...............I don't know. They seem cooler to me! Wolves are sweet and they eat rabbits (I think...). Rabbit doesn't taste that bad. :D



  1. Lol. Thankyou for your answers! I love them! And I checked out Amnesia the anime on and it's awesome!!!! If you ever want me to draw a character for you custom-style, I'm more than willing. (Especially if it's a hot guy!) Laters!!


If you have any manga/anime to recommend me, comment! If not, just comment anyways! They are always appreciated!