Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Manga (for real this time!)

Yes. I am no longer talking about random things because I really do have the ability to read English!! Because of that amazing ability of mine, I believe the title of this blog is Mangafreak.


In light of this not-so-recent discovery of mine, I wanted to review some of the manga that I love <3

Skip Beat!

"When an actor immerse themselves in a role, they are truely a professional".
-Skip Beat!

Definitely my all-time favorite.

It's still ongoing, so I won't spoil anything for you! All I can say is that Kyoko, the main character, is an amazing person, and I find myself growing to like her more and more every single time I read Skip Beat. She's a human girl who struggles with the whole idea of love- not just romantic love- because of her past. But you learn that she's actually extremely strong and that even though her past has hurt her, it has also set the foundation for her to grow and become an incredible actress.

I really enjoy seeing her become different people and where her acting is taking her. You may think this weird, but I reread the entire thing (so far) and made a list of my favorite chapters. I realised that most of the chapters were ones of her in different acting roles. I'm really impressed that Yoshiki Nakamura was able to create all these different characters, and if you look closely, different parts of Kyoko.

It's funny; as I got deeper into the story I found myself trying acting techniques she used and to be more like her. I think she's a great role model for girls like me who want to act, but need that advice and an understanding of what it's really like.

If you're into drama or acting, I encourage you to look it up!

1/2 Prince

"It's just that ... my killing methods are a tiny bit like the horror movies! Plus... I just like having my body soaked in blood, and it's really just good manners, that I like to smile at others! Just because of that, they give me such a horrid title! How unfair!"
- Prince (a.k.a. the Blood Elf), 1/2 Prince

Ahh... The gender bender. This story takes place in the future, where technology is further advanced (by about 1000 times) and where everyone basically has two lives. One in real life where they eat and sleep and go to school, and the other one in video games. Engineering has gotten to a point where a new game has come out with a 99% reality level. The main character, Feng Lan, is tired of taking on girl characters who just leech of guys and don't earn their levels in the game- or so her brother tells her. She sets out to prove her brother wrong, and because she is one of the first people to log on to the game she is granted one request. She decides that the way to prove her brother wrong is to play as a guy. Wish granted, she sets off into the world of Second Life as Prince, the newly made bishie with a love for fighting.

I did prefer the novel because I got to see different peoples POV, there was more detail, and there were some extra chapters you didn't see in the manga, but the art in this was amazing. It was intricate, and there's nothing like seeing a character you've only imagined in your head brought to life.

I loved the plot; who doesn't like seeing how the gender bender deals with their situation in real life? In this novel, you get to see how it affects her online too.  The reveal, the romance, the mistaken identity & confusion, and the adventure that comes with it.

Shiawase Kissa Sanchome (Happy Cafe)

"Dream? I don't have any. But, umm...
I just wanna make people happy.
That's all".
- Takamura Uru, Happy Cafe
This mananga (mananga? Manga ;-) makes me so happy whenever I read it. It's one of the stories I read o'er and o'er and never get tired of. Uru, the main character is one of the girls who gets all of the guys in the end, and even then you don't mind because she's so caring and innocent in a way. Seriously. Every guy she meets cares so much about her. The romantic storyline is really enjoyable and each character's unique personality adds so much to the plot- C'mon. There's a guy (a true bishounen) who will only wake up if you feed him. Who wouldn't read about that? Haha! Plus, you'll love reading about their little siblings and their own (mis?)adventures.
Ichirou or Shindou... It's so hard to choose! Takamura is a lucky girl. Honestly, my parents look at me weirdly when I read this because it makes me laugh out loud. All the time. The art is also one of my favorites, by Kou Matsuzuki, who's also the author and illustrator of Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to. 
This manga will surely leave you with a smile on your face, and a very happy person :-)
Hana to Akuma (The Flower and the Demon)
"To live in the hearts of those we love is to never die".
-Hana to Akuma
This is one of the shorter mangas (whereas I usually read ones with 100 chapters and counting), but one of my favorites. Believe me, I cried and laughed as I read this.

It's about a demon who finds a baby on his doorstep, and decides to raise her. He loves her as a daughter, but isn't prepared for her to actually grow up. As she gets older he struggles with his feelings, love rivals, his own duties in the demon world, and the whole immortal-mortal dilemma.
I love this soooooo much. So much. I am not ashamed to laugh or cry in public when I read this... It's just a little embarrassing when they ask you what's wrong and I answer them "I was reading a book!" while simultaneously crying my eyes out. And then I laugh at the next chapter...

Who cares? Get to know me before you judge, people!
Oresama Teacher
I would get kinda nervous since they looked, so delicate, you know...
Um... If I had to say something it would be that they're...
like angels!
- Kurosaki Mafuyu, Oresama Teacher
Oresama Teacher is still ongoing (it's one that I check for updates almost daily on) and a great shojo manga that isn't quite so romance 24/7. There's lots of action, confusion, and quirkiness.
A lot of these characteristics are brought on because of the protagonist's (Kurosaka Mafuyu's) decision to become more of a 'girly-girl'. She idolizes normal girls, and has an urge to protect them while simultanously trying to become one.
The problem is that she was the banchou of her old school, and is actually a great leader and fighter, which makes it hard for her to be a 'proper lady' when she has the constant need to protect people. (That's probably the reason she was the leader of her delinquent gang at Higashi High). Because she wants these to completely different things, all sorts of situations come up...
Between the complicated plot, lovable (and really quirky) characters, the art, and the relationship I have yet to understand with her teacher, I see no reason why you shouldn't check this out at your next opportunity.
And because you all live online and there are a bunch of manga-hosting websites at your fingertips, I better hear what you think pretty soon :-)
I hope your summer is going great, and that you're ready for school ASAP!
Any advice for somone starting public school for the first time?

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