Monday, October 14, 2013

Philippines~~ :)

I'm studying Biology at the same time.......I love my bear I got at comic con! Hahaaha!

So you guys have been wondering how my summer was. I pretty much didn't want to come back to Canada because I had the time of my life. I met so many people and even made friends. I took ALOT of pictures! Unfortunately I don't have time to post them all and I don't want to create stalkers on the internet it goes!

I left July 6th. I packed a lot of stuff and driving to the airport takes 2 hours from my place because I live in a town. Before we had to leave, a couple weeks before hand, my mother got my family to sleep during the day and stay awake at night in order to get used to the time difference once we landed. The plane ride was........ok? Let's just say 12 hours on the airplane was tiring. I watched a lot of movies.........7 in a row? I couldn't help it and at the same time, I wasn't tired at all.

The boys in Philippines are sooo nice! Every time I walked down the hallway of the school, they would come up and talk to me or say "Hi". Not to mention, they were utterly beautiful and good-looking. I had a couple crushes because every guy at the school could sing and dance amazingly. However, I still like this person so.......anyways. I honestly think that I have more guy friends there than in Canada. No offence to white boys but I prefer to marry a Filipino boy from now on! Haha!

My family had the opportunity to do some preforming for various churches in the Philippines and got some positive feedback from everyone. I played flute, piano and even sang a couple songs for everyone. It was very encouraging to have people appreciate your talents. 

I had the opportunity to go to the Bible College my parents attended. Everyone was extremely nice. I stayed in the girls dorm and my brother had the opportunity to stay with a couple of Hawaiian boys in a room. Seriously, two boys from Hawaii decided to come and have their vacation in the Philippines too! It was pretty awesome to talk to them. Not to mention, they spoke english. It was hard to try to speak filipino because my accent is just terrible. I can understand what my peers are saying without their craziness added but it was definitely a challenge.

I have been with many places with my cousins. I miss them so. One of the first things we did when we landed was go to the Mall of Asia. I was ecstatic. It was amazing. One Canadian Dollar was 40 pesos in the Philippines. Wow, just wow. I bought ALOT of stuff for cheap there. It was quite a great deal I'd say. However, there was this mall I wanted to go to but Manila got flooded! It rained 4 days straight before we left Philippines! My mother was worried our flights would get canceled! Fortunately, not! We got to the airport but there were alot of koreans who got stranded.  

Anyway, the Mall of Asia was EXTREMELY huge. You would have to go to stay for like a week to travel the whole mall. Unfortunately, my family stayed in Manila for two days until we had to my parents place in Isabella. 

The food was interesting. Even though my parents taught us to eat everything, there was some food I haven't seem before. You know, my diet in the Philippines pretty much rice and bananas on a typical day. I ate alot and I'm happy to say that I gained some weight (believe me, having such a high metabolism is bad especially when you don't eat enough) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip!


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