Friday, February 3, 2012

Discovery! Wattpad!!

I know this post is not even about manga (vaguely) but I do take breaks from manga! I read other things too, like novels. I'm absolutely in love with the Mortal Instruments series and the Percy Jackson series. I have read them all! I'm "patiently" waiting for the new books to come out. I'll admit it, I even read Twilight. I see nothing wrong, it's just the movie ticks me off and the books were decent. I actually read a fair amount of novels, just not very many.

Not a very long time ago, I discovered that you could actually read novels online. I know, I'm really sad. My friends tell me about Fanfiction and kinda tweeked my interest but I never got to look up some. I don't know how I discovered Wattpad but I did. I'm soo happy I did! I don't usually read novels (I prefer to look at pictures) but Wattpad just got me into a whole bunch!

*Random picture- Maid-sama! I laughed so hard at this scene in manga/anime!!*

Hopefully I didn't scare you off.....anyways, what is Wattpad? Wattpad is a wonderful site where you can read stories that haven't been published. It's kinda like fanfiction but people use originality and it's all fresh. Believe me, some stories that are on there are soooo amazing!! I can't believe that most of them are NOT published!! That is really depressing!!! Stories like (you have to read them!!), "Believe Me, I'm Lying" or "The Kissing Booth", have definite potential of selling. There aren't actual names for the authors since they use a username.

If you are a Yaoi lover (like me!) and in dire need of something very detail to read, read "I tempted Him with a Kiss" or "High school Scandal". They are both very funny, amazing and done by the same person. I really think both those stories should get published...... :D

Due to copyright, I can't copy and past the summaries on here. Since I'm too lazy to actually type up the whole summary, you will have trust me here and just click on the names.

Ok fine, I'll tell you about Believe Me, I'm Lying and I Tempted Him with a Kiss. Believe Me, I'm Lying is about a 17 year old girl Harley just lost her job and she is desperate to get another one. Her uncle comes to her house and offers her a job as a home ec teacher at a school for delinquents.

I'm in love with this story!! Every thing about this story is amazing!! I love the love developments in this story!!!! I wish I could write like this!!! This story deserves to be published!! > x <

Another random picture....

I Tempted Him with a Kiss is about teenage boy, Gio. He is bi and is quite a flirt. He has been hitting on his childhood friend, Hunter ever since puberty. Of course Hunter just brushed him off. But what happens when he suddenly turns the table and starts seducing Gio? Especially when Hunter is Gio's twin sister's boyfriend! To make things more complicated, just throw in Gio's classmate/neighbor into Gio's love problem.

This is kinda what Hunter's personality is like.

This is how Gio's mind works.

I know that this is a typical storyline for a Yaoi but I'd say the writer definitely made me fall in love with it in absolute writing. The author is amazing!! Her writing is really funny and sexy. When you get to "those" scenes, you could picture them in your head! :D

Just for the fun of it.

I just couldn't help it. I'm a freaking teenager with a sick mind!

SHUGO CHARA!!! I forgot what episode this was but this was when Nagi first appeared in the anime. I laughed so hard!! > u <