Friday, February 3, 2012

Online Chorus Battle: VOCA★FUSION!!

I'm super super happy!!! My dreams have come true!!!

Well only one.....haha.....anyways. There is an online chorus battle called VOCA★FUSION. Of course the competition and songs are vocaloid related! I found a video a few days ago and I freaked! I love vocaloid music and I wanted to know more about it! I'm sad that the thing is closed and they are not excepting any competitors because it would be fun to compete! Don't panic, the competition is still going on its just there are no more new competitors allowed. They just finished the first round and moved on the round two! I probably should show the video about the competition first!

VOCA★FUSION: Online Chorus Battle [CLOSED] 

There will 4 rounds of the competition! Deadlines are after 3 weeks after the start of the round. The winning piece will be re-animated and it will be used for a promoting vocaloid fandom all year! The second round will only consist of 10 choruses meaning only 10 advanced. The round 2 winners will be announced on Feb 2, 2012 (already passed). Scroll down my post for round 1 results and round 2 details. Check out VocaFusion's Channel!

1. Create a group of 5 members including the mixer and animator. (Maximum of 8 members!) The group is allowed to get an replacement but only once if a member isn't feeling well or can't be able to make it. Switching mixers are allowed as long as the mixer is one of the members of the group.
2. Give the group a unique name.
3. You can use any vocaloid or nico nico douga song with any arrangement, try to be original! You can cover your song in whatever language you want. How many languages in the song doesn't matter.
4. Song entry must last 1 minute and 30 seconds.
5. Create a PV for your song choice, be creative! As much as possible, post the video's in HD!

I'm soooo freaking excited!! The first is over now and I was so happy to see the results! The first round's theme was Jazz. I love jazz! I found a couple of competitiors and the only one I'm rooting for is Vivid Chemistry. There were some good ones but I love Vivid Chemistry the most!! Their voices are just pure hotness~!! The artist/mixer of the group is a genius!!! I hope they win!! They even made it through the first round!!

【VOCA★FUSION】 Between the sheets 【Vivid Chemistry】 

Don't you love them? Vivid Chemistry is like nico nico chorus singers!! I'm going to be a stalker and suscribe on every one of the singers channels on youtube! :D Of course I will vote for them!

The results!! Keep annotations on and watch until the end!

VOCA★FUSION Round 1 Results / Details for Round 2! [OPEN]

Ok! Round two's theme will be INTERNET Co.,Ltd. Each of the chorus group has to cover a Megpoid, Gackpoid, Lily, CUL, or Gacahpoid ORIGINAL (solo) song. Song submissions by Feb. 25, 2012 (looking foward to it!), 11:59PM, GMT +8. Judging will start- Feb 26, 2012, 12:00MN, GMT +8. Fan voting will start- Feb. 26, 2012, 10:00AM, GMT +8 and ends on- Feb. 29 12:00NN, GMT +8. I can't wait to start voting!

Winners of round 2 and details about round 3 will be announced on March 1, 2012.