Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 3 in the Philippines!

Morning guys!

Im heading to my other cousins place to celebrate Auntie Normas birthday. Ive had no wifi but since I do, Ive been typing like crazy to tell you about today! :D

I woke up at 6am today, ate breakfast and skyped with Kristen for a little bit. I needed to get more character designs from her so I had something to do on the way to my auntie Normas. I quickly messaged my parents about me going because I will have no wifi until I come back home. I didn't have time to message Jen so.....I just hope shes ok.

I took a shower, packed a days worth of clothing and my toothbrush and went with my Auntie Linda to the bus. I wouldn't call it a bus.....they just crammed people into seats and they picked people up and dropped them off on their way to a certain destination. It took so trip was supposed to be.....about two hours but it was like three. Plus, auntie and I went to Chowking to eat lunch.

There was no air conditioning....

Plus I couldn't take pictures.....people would've tried to steal it from my bag. Soon guys, Ill post pictures on my experience.

After 3pm, we arrived to my auntie Normas place. Her place hasn't changed much except there were computers in the living room. The market was being renovated so they had to wade it out until it was finished. My aunt runs an internet café except theres no internet at her home.

I met up with my cousin Gino and Magie. Gino is taking education in college and Magie is still in elementary school. She is such a beautiful and funny kid to hang around with. I helped cooking for a little while but then I got bored. I went with Gino and Magie and they gave me a tour. Gino drove his motorcycle..........IT WAS FUN. The way the air hit my face and felt nice. I didn't like holding onto Gino because it felt awkward was fine.

He treated me to a chocolate drink at the market and then we went down a hill near the college twice because it was fun!!!

Many kids stared because I yelled in English so loud......haha

Anyway, we went home and we ate pancit, ice cream and tambo tambo (its a food... haha)

A pastors family came to celebrate and I ended up being stared at by their two boys. I met Ginos 21 year old girlfriend (Gino is 17 like me....) but she looks like shes 14. He is so lucky....his girlfriend lives in the same house as him. I admire his self control!

In order for me to stay awake, I played chess with Gino and talked with the adults about Canada. I ended up staying up till 8pm and went to bed right after I showered brushed my teeth.

I thought about Jen for a little while. I hope shes alright......I miss her so much.

I even thought about my other best friend Meg. Shes in Europe that luck sack. I hope I can be able to Skype her soon also.

Anyway, night guys!!!


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