Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In Philippines....again! :D

Hello from the Philippines!

I am extremely tired! Today marks day two out of........5 months in the Philippines. Why am I here?? Its so hot! :P

My parents suggested that I go on vacation before I go to college in January. It sounded nice until I found out that I had to give up a lot of other things.

1. My girlfriend
2. Working/Money
3. Scholarships
4.  MY GIRLFRIEND (....did I mention that already?)

I'm still upset about it....

Look at this dork.


Anyways. I cried a lot the last week in Canada. Many of my friends visited me before I left. It was pretty fun and upsetting. I mean I know I will see them again but it wont be the same. 

So the flight to Philippines was a long and......kinda depressing one.

Lets back up to a couple hours before my flight.

Day 1

I got up at 7am Saturday. My two brothers were in the other room sleeping. Their friend Jonathan was sleeping over and I caught a glimpse of him going to the bathroom before I got out of bed. I quickly checked my phone and new Ipod (I bought it because my parents wouldn't let me bring my phone) if there were new facebook notifications.

I needed to quickly figure out how I was going to sneak out of the house around 8 this morning so I could say goodbye to my girlfriend. Im going to miss her so much.

I took a quick shower, put my travelling clothes on and fixed my bag. I remembered that my pencil case was in the car and was missing. I quickly told my parents in the basement that I will be frequently checking the car and in the house if my pencil case was anywhere in both of the areas. It wasn't a big deal so I got out of the house when Jen texted me. I made sure I deleted the text right away because my parents will be taking my phone before I leave.

I ran to the park and into her arms as soon I saw her. We both started to cry. It was the first time Ive seen her cry since Andrew died. I hate seeing her cry but its nice to know that she really does care for me. She had to get to work so I let her go after a very long hug and kiss.

I know we will see each other again but not in the same setting. She will never love me the way she did before.

I quickly and quietly ran to my house, looking back everytime I was close to my house.

The rest of the day was full of different feelings. I wasn't sure what to do anymore. Was this a good decision? Will I be able to survive? Life was just kinda.......weird that day. I texted Aeroll about visiting everyone at work before I left but I just didn't have the guts and time to see him and the others. One goodbye was enough for me. He got angry but whatever. Its not like we were good friends in the beginning.

I did some final touches to my room, making sure my parents didn't find anything weird while I was gone. I kept cleaning my bathroom because I didn't want to think about Jen but I ended up thinking about her anyways. I had to make sure the apps on my new Ipod were there and photos so I could do something while I was bored. My tablet was only good for facebook and documents.

(I had to make sure pictures for my character design were on here so I could work on them!)

Everyone was messaging me on when I will be in the Philippines and for how long. Some asked when I was leaving that day. I wasn't sure so I asked my parents. They told me 3pm.

I took a nap at 1pm because I just exhausted and emotionally drained. I woke up shortly to say goodbye to my brothers because they were going to the library with Jonathan. I didn't cry, I knew they were never going to change. Well the way they felt about me anyways. I will always be their older sister whether they liked it or not.

I laid back into bed and before I knew it, I was quarter to three. I got up quickly, fixing my bed and then I put makeup. I changed my tank top to a t-shirt just in case I needed to take off my sweater. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a banana. I heard my father shuffling around and then he spotted me. Papa told me to wake my mother up so I did. I even quietly teared up after I looked at my room one last time.

I was all ready so I took my bag and carryon to the car. Upon arriving, I made sure I had everything. My parents were getting snacks for the trip. I didn't know what they were rushing for.

They soon told me that they had to drop off spring rolls at a friends wedding before they dropped me off to the airport.

We prayed for a safe trip and I was off.

Goodbye house. Goodbye Stettler.

Half an hour later...

My parents couldn't find the wedding so they decided to go to Ponoka to grab my vacation pay. My vacation pay wasn't on my paystub so I had to manually pick it up and deposit it into my bank myself. I ended up dozing off until my parents woke me up. We were in front of mcdonalds in Ponoka.

I entered the Mcdonalds (so much nicer than the Mcdonalds in Stettler) and I saw my old colleague, Tita Francis. I was just so happy to see her! A couple of friends and I were planning to go to see her for the past week but it hasn't worked out. Apparently this time it did!

Tita treated my parents and I to some smoothies (REALLY GOOD) and I bought some food for the trip. We said our goodbyes and then on the road to Edmonton again.

My parents lectured me on what to do and not to do while I was in the Philippines. We were getting close to the airport and I finished my burger and fries.

I felt a sick feeling in my stomach when my dad pulled near the curb of the airport.

I don't want to go.

My mother and I unloaded while my father went to find parking. We went to the self check in area and checked in my two heavy baggages. My mother was having trouble sticking the stickers on the one baggage but we got it. Papa soon arrived and they both helped me get to the check in desk.

After that, I had an hour to spare before I had to go the gate. We went to the bathroom and my dad spotted another Filipino family. He asked if they were also going to Philippines and sad thing was, they were. Their flights were exactly the same as mine and thankfully, they welcomed me to follow them until I arrive in Manila. THANK GOD. I could have gotten lost.....

Anyway, my parents had some lovely conversations with that family. They had two kids, one in grade 9 and the other in third year university. I remembered one of the kids (not really a kid anymore) name was Nicole. I cant remember the other one......he was very quiet but handsome. Haha!

I then said goodbye to my parents and then I went through security.

Security always freaks me out even I have nothing to hide. It just does. I know they are trying to protect this country.......anyways!

I was one of the first to get out of security so I waited for the family.

For at least an hour, we waited at the gate. I had some good conversations with Nicole. I noticed that she was a very lovely and pretty woman. :)

Soon it was time for us to board. There wasn't any space for the one carryon so it was stored close the back of the plane. What a pain in the ass it was to get it out.


The flight to Vancouver wasn't so bad, wasn't long either because I was knocked out for most of it. We landed in Vancouver at about.......10pm I think. We had a couple of hours to spare so we found a place to eat. We ate Japanese food and the workers were generous because it was close to their closing tine, 9:30pm. The family had relatives coming to say Hi from Vancouver so I felt pretty awkward when they arrived. I wanted to Skype Jen but I guess she was having a bad day so we didn't get to talk.

I ended up Skyping with my dad near Starbucks. It was nice to talk to them after travelling with a family I barely knew.

My eyes were getting so tired......the time in Vancouver was an hour behind the time in Alberta.

Soon the family said their goodbyes and we went through security for the G gate. I was so tired....all I wanted to do was sleep!

Anyway, when I walked through the metal detector thingy......it beeped. My heart died in the inside and the security guard was like, you are lucky, you have a choice between the traditional pat down or the body scanner. Apparently it was a random one and another girl on the other side had to do one also. I choose the body scanner because I haven't done it before. It seemed like a quick and painless thing to do. It wasn't so bad.

I finished quickly and they found nothing on me of course.

I met up with the family and we walked to our boarding area. It was close to the boarding time and we had to change our plane tickets because the ones they gave us were no good. It was quick and we were boarding with everyone else.

The Flight

My seat was at the very back where theirs were in the middle. I told them it wouldn't be a big deal if they sat far away. I was sure I could handle sitting by myself for 12 hours.

I found my seat, it was the only one that wasn't occupied. I was last in that area to find my seat and it was embarrassing but whatever. The flight attendants were really good looking! :D

To say the least, I had to put my carryon in a closet near the middle (better than the last flight, this one is on the way out) and my backpack underneath. I had to make sure my tablet was okay since my bag is kinda squished.

I sat with two other men, a gay couple.

Of course I had to sit next to a gay couple. Out of all days.

These two Filipino men were telling me about how they met and how they are going to be married. I didn't tell them about my own break up but it was nice to know someone has it all figured out. They will have each other forever and that's beautiful. I couldn't quite get their names because they mainly spoke Filipino with me which I found very impressive for me because I understood most of what they were saying.

I fell asleep quickly and I barely got up for the first meal.

The food was pretty damn good for airplane food. I ate most of it and then quickly went to the screen to browse for movies. I soon developed a headache looking at the screen so I tried to sleep but I ended up thinking about her. Thinking about her soon turned into a bad nightmare. I was sleep talking and her name loudly escaped my mouth. Some people didn't care and other jolted from their sleep and frantically tried to look for the culprit who woke them up.

I was constantly waking up to go to the bathroom. I felt so sick....I wanted to throw up but I couldn't. I still had a long ride............it was pretty damn painful.

Almost two movies, two more skipped meals and........12 hours later. 

GAHHHH. Im alive!!!:D I thought I was going to die. My mouth became dry and the smell of the airplane gave me such a headache......we are about to land (Im writing all this out. I didn't actually have my tablet open) and you don't understand how happy I am to see land. I wanted to brush my teeth but the bathroom was being occupied each time I looked behind me.

The time in the Philippines was......about 2:30am when we were in the Philippines area. It was.....Monday. Not Sunday because of the 14 hour difference. I guess we were ahead of Canada.

Anyways. (Wow this is one long text post)

We landed and I got out of the airplane with the help of that nice gay couple and a hot flight attendant. I found the mother of the family with my escort. My mother hired an escort so I wouldn't have to find the other terminal/airport for domestic flights in Philippines. I was expecting a female but I got a hot 25 year old male as an escort. He looked really young and I was surprised when he told me how old he was.

I didn't get his name either (what is up with these people and names!) but he was extremely nice. He told me about his ex girlfriend living in Calgary. Interesting :P

He showed the family and I a short cut to customs and we beat the crowd. We went to get our baggages and that took.....so long. It was about 2 hours. I was waiting with him from 2:45 to 4ish in the morning. When I finally got all my bags, I asked if I could use the payphones to call my auntie so she could pick me up in Cauyan city (about a two hour plane ride from Manila. Kinda like driving from Edmonton to Stettler). There was no way in hell that I will be staying in Manila. Are you kidding me! The traffic is so bad!!!! Plus the weather is even worse because of the many vehicles.

On another note, I ended up using his phone to call my aunt. She didn't pick up so I tried my cousin who was my age. Lyn Lyn (her real name is Rollyne :D ) picked up. It was 5am and I felt so bad for waking her up. It was a Monday and man........I know the feeling of having school and someone waking you up.....its a terrible feeling. Hahaha!

I went on a air conditioned bus (it was very nice!) to terminal three, Cebu Pacific. My domestic flight from Manila to Cauyan wasn't until 8:50am. It was 6am when I checked in.......I almost got lost! I tried so hard not to fall asleep or take out my expensive devices.....people can steal them. I had no wifi anyways until the last 10 minutes before I had to board the flight. I ate a little snack before I boarded but I was starving.

I checked my facebook messages and my mother needed to make sure I arrived in one piece and safely. I skyped with her and speaking in English in public was weird because people kept staring at me.

I boarded the flight and I fell asleep. I soon arrived in Cauyan city without any problems.

It was so hot but it wasn't as bad like when I first arrived last year. I quickly spotted my auntie in the crowd. I got my baggage and then I had another 2 hour drive to my hometown, Roxas.

I met my cousin Kuya June June, auntie Norma, Uncle Rolly and auntie Linda. We drove to a fast food place called, Greenwich where they are known for their pizzas. I ate so much chicken, rice, spaghetti and Hawaiian pizza. Soon we were on the road again, this time I slept for the rest of the way.


Its still Monday and I arrived at my cousin Lyn Lyns house. I consider this another home because the room I sleep in is air conditioned and has wifi. Plus, she is like my favorite cousin. She is in college for business and its funny the way she talks. Her English is perfect :D

I still had a full day ahead of me.....

My auntie Linda unpacked my stuff and rearranged it so I could get my clothing better. I talked to my mom and a lot of other friends about my experience so far. I will be going to Tuegegaro (1 hourish away from Roxas) to visit Lyn Lyn. However, I talked to Lyn Lyns best friend, Sjay. He has been talking to me about dating me and I never actually met him face to face. I didn't feel comfortable but it was nice to finally meet after a couple months of chatting. I then took a quick shower because I wore the same clothes for a very long time..... :(

The water was so cold and beautiful!

I ended up just on the internet and queuing my tumblr posts for a little while. Later I was on the road again to visit my cousin. It was about 4pm when we arrived but Lyn lyns classes didn't end until 4:30. It was weird seeing so many students in uniform......I felt so out of place waiting for her. Auntie bought me a snack and then after two calls, she came out. I kinda snuck into her school.....I wanted to have a tour of her school so bad. It wasn't a big deal....I just snuck past security hahah.

I met her best friend and I told Lyn Lyn about Sjay. It was funny.

Lyn Lyn ended up coming home with us to Roxas along with her best friend. Lyn Lyn wanted to eat food so we went through the drive thru of Jollie Bee. The food is just amazing.....why are things in the Philippines so much better! Like food! Hahaha!

I was getting tired but Lyn Lyn entertained me on the way home. We dropped her best friend to her house and then we went home. Shortly I went to the doctor with Lyn Lyn so I could stay awake......I didn't want to go to bed early. Well not yet anyways.

I ended up skipping dinner (not a big deal....it was morning in Canada and I don't usually eat a big breakfast) and sleeping at 8pm.

There was my day. So busy! Hahahah! Goodnight!!

Day 2

I woke up with a growling stomach at 5am. I opened my eyes to catch my Kuya turning off the air conditioner. I didn't want to get up so I just scrolled through my dashboard. I ended up talking to several people before eating breakfast. Lyn Lyn had to get up to catch the bus to Tugegaro if she wanted to make her 10am class. We ate rice and eggs for breakfast.

She took a bath and I skyped with Kristen for a little while. I got up and said goodbye to Lyn Lyn. I soon ended up skyping with Jen also and.....I just miss her so much. I always thought that she would avoid me but.....I am still her friend. Even if we cant be together, I will always be there for her if she needs it.

My aunt and I were going to the market (I LOVE THE MARKET) so I said goodbye to my best friend and took a shower. The water was cold but it felt nice.

She soon took a shower and then we went inside a tricyle to the market. The market wasn't crowded but it was hot. I wanted to eat adobo (meat with soy sauce...yummy!) and vegetables. I got hungry so auntie bought me a snack called Banana.............darn I cant remember how to spell it. Its pretty much deep fried Bananas with brown sugar on a stick. ITS AMAZING. Its my favorite snack of all time!

We soon went home and people from the church came over for lunch. My friend from the school came and it was nice to meet her again!

I really didn't do anything for the rest of the day except watch the rest of episode 14 of Haikyuu!! on my tablet. I was supposed to hang out with my friends but they were in a meeting. I went to the market again with my auntie and this time she treated me to pancit (noodles, vegetables and meat). I couldn't finish it all because it was an unusual time for me to eat. Im slowly trying to get used to it.

We went home and she cooked dinner. I drew stuff in my sketch book and checked tumblr again. None of my Canadian friends were up yet so I was kinda bored.

Later I ate dinner and was too tired to do anything so I took a shower and went to bed early once again.

Night!!! :D


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