Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drama Fever!

First off I would like to start of with.......I'm really happy!!! Just a while ago was my first singing concert with a choir I just joined! I suck at singing but I must admit, singing with pro's are fun.

Pro's? Oh, well they are teenagers like me but they have more singing experience than me. I just started. I think I'm doing ok. Their voices are soo amazing!! I'm in total bliss when I listen to them. It makes me extremely happy! Though I can't figure out how to sing loud.......

Today it snowed!!! There was soo much and it was colder today! I was sooooo extremely very happy!! It just made my day! Don't look at me funny! I prefer the cold than the that even a word? Oh well.
Anways, that is what I have been doing for the past few days other than tests and homework. I have a giant French unit exam on Tuesday (yay me!). I apologize for not posting in a while once again. I have no better excuse. I'm sorry! > x <

Whenever I had time I would try to watch lots of Drama's and Anime's and most of the time, I never had time to post because I just into the drama or anime. I haven't found any good anime's for me to watch so I just went for the drama's because well, I don't watch very many of them. I recently got into the Korean Drama, Warrior Baek Dong Soo. I feel really bad for not watching this drama a while ago. But I have started it now so it is all good! :D

Title: Warrior Baek Dong Soo
Type: Korean Drama
Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure
Status: Completed
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen

Summary: Set in the Joseon Dynasty during King Jeongjo's reign, this martial-arts fusion sageuk is centered around the events involving Crown Prince Sado's conspiracy. Warrior Baek Dong Soo was a real-life legend who created a martial arts guide in Joseon. His group who defends King Jeongjo is pitted against the mysterious organization of assassins who plot to kill the King. (wikipedia)

The storyline is really amazing!!! I feel like it started out pretty slow in the beginning. But after that, it started to get really interesting. I was really drawn to the layered storyline and awesome action! It really inspires me to learn some Karate. But I'm not that coridinated to do Karate. I would probably get myself killed trying kick someone.

The bonds between the characters are so touching. I always find myself crying when one of the characters are like at the brink of death. Especially when his/her friend is crying for them. I just have this emotional attactment with the characters! They are amazing actors!

The actors are extremely hot!!! I really love this one character, Yeo Woon, whenever he shows up and shows off his sweet fighting skills...I practically die!! >/// x ///<   I love you~!!!


Title: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Type: Korean Drama
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of life
Status: Ongoing
Age Rating: 13+ Teen

Summary: Yang Eun Bi is a college student studying to become a teacher. She wants to live a normal life like everybody else. Marry a nice guy and get a stable job and live in a nice house. Unfortunately for her, its not that easy.

She has a pretty bad temper and she can't seem to pass the exam......and this year she has to pass it. Or the next year is the 3rd year that she has to take it, which she thinks is a bad luck year. Thanks to a fortune teller, whoever she kisses will be her "destined" partner. That same day, she meets Cha Chi Soo, the son of the head of the biggest food corporation in Korea. Due to events, he almost kisses her.

After meeting him again, she assumes that he is wayy older than her. But that isn't true. She goes to a high school and she becomes a teacher (ish.....I forgot what she was doing but I know she was some kind of assistant teacher or temporary teacher of some sort). She meets Cha again. This time she asks him if he can go out with her.

After her first class, tt turns out that he is a high school student. Great.

At first, I thought Eun Bi was just completely nuts. I didn't really like her character at the beginning but as the story kept going, her character developed a bit and it made love her right away. She is really cool when she plays volleyball and her temper just makes most of her. She is really interesting.

I really love the storyline! It's great! I thought that after the first 5 episodes were like, "meh" to me but certain parts had its great times. After the episode 5, it was just amazing. I'm really mad that this drama is ongoing and the episodes don't seem to be coming out fast enough!! > x <

I really love the guys in this drama! Cha Chi Soo and Choi Kang Hyuk are just soooo funny!! They are total players when you first see them. Plus, they are really hot!! *Dies* Why does Korean guys have to really hot?!?

Title: Painter of the Wind
Type: Korean Drama
Genres: Gender Bender, Comedy, Romance, Historical
Status: Completed
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen

Summary: Shin Yoon Bok is a talented painter who disguises herself as a boy to search for her father’s murderer and meets a master painter who guides her into being a great painter. Kim Hong Do is the man who teaches Yoon Bok how to paint, and they develop a strong friendship of mentor and disciple.

I feel pretty bad that I haven't watched this drama a while ago. It is really amazing!! I just watched the first episode (I know that is pretty sad) and I fell in love with it. The storyline is different. Art is involved and I really love art. I also really love gender benders. I have nothing much to say but you have to watch it! You will not regret it!!! I feel like there is alot that will be going on after the first episode. You have to watch it!!