Friday, December 23, 2011

It's finally Christmas break!

I would like to thank everybody who has been reading my blog! You don't know how much it makes me so happy that people are reading my blog! I have so many gosh.......I think I almost fainted when I had 700 views that one day.

I'm soo happy that its finally christmas break!! No more school and stressing homework!!! WHOO HOO! My birthday has passed and I'm finally the age I want to be! Happy Birthday to me.....Happy Birthday to me...... ^_^ It sucks to be the last one turn my least I would be the last one in my friend group to turn 30! Haha!

Christmas is just around the corner! My best friend sent me this box full of stuff and I can't open it until christmas day......I know there is manga books in there!! > x < I wanna open it right now!!!

I apologize for not posting in such a long time. On friday I had so much to do! A book report, a poem book that was due on monday and a french and science exam on tuesday. School was just really stressing for the last couple days before the break. Last week I got sick and it was really bad. I hate getting sick.....that means I get to miss school and homework will get piled up. I hate homework.....if it had guts, I would hate it's guts. :D

Now that it is break, I have time to watch and read anything I want!!! I have tons of stuff to recommend you guys so please look forward it!!

This korean drama I will now recommend you is called The Musical. It is actually pretty and really inspirational for me. I don't know how this has to do with anything but it doesn't matter if you can't sing or not! As long as you have the determination to practice (I personally hate to practice singing for that matter), you will get better!! Just like this girl from The Musical. It's pretty funny how she can feel like she is living in an actual musical. I know some people like that. They are pretty crazy but funny at the same time. I love them! ^_^

My choir just preformed our concert a couple weeks ago. It was my first true concert! I'm so proud of myself for keeping up with everyone and their amazing voices! :D

Title: The Musical
Type: Korean Drama
Genres: Comedy, Music
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing
Summary: ( Ko Eun-Bi (Ku Hye-Sun) is a medical student, but dreams of becoming a musical actor. Hong Jae-Yi (Daniel Choi) is an ultra-talented composer who becomes involved in a love triangle with Ko Eun-Bi and Bae Kang-Hee (Ok Joo-Hyun). Bae Kang-Hee is a musical diva, full of confidence and pride in herself.
I'm still in the middle of episode one and I just fell in love with it! I think its pretty funny that Eun-Bi can actually feel like she is living in a musical. Sometimes I feel like I want to run away to a world like an anime. It would be so cool! :D I can picture it in my guys every where........hehe......<3

Title: Rave Master
Author: Hiro Mashima
Genres: Comedy, Adventure, Shonen, Action, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed
Summary: (from wikipedia)

The main character Haru Glory, is chosen by the holy artifact known Rave to wield the Ten Powers and go on a quest with the strange dog like creature known as Plue to find the other four remaining Rave stones and put an end to the usage of Dark Bring and bring peace to the world. In his travel fate brings him to ally himself with a girl that lost her memories and believes she is named Elie and is unaware that she has a strong involvement with the Rave stones. Together they gain allies on their quest known as the Rave Warriors which consist of the thief that can manipulate silver known as Hamrio Musica, a cartographer which is the strange blue creature known as Griffon Kato, Let Dahaka and Julia who are both martial artists and members of a species from the mystic realm known as the Dragon Race, Ruby a rich penguin-like sentenoid and Belnika, a kind sorceress.


I just finished watching the anime and I love it soo much!!! The storyline is just brilliant! Just seeing the anime, Haru is really hot!!!! The various characters just make me sooo extremely happy!! Especially Plue! I love him!!! > u < If you watched the anime Fairy Tail (by the same creator!) you would recognize Plue is one of Lucy's spirit's. I love how nobody knows his actually gender and what he is! It always makes me smile when they try to figure it out!

The beginning of the anime started out a bit rocky but after that, it started to get so much better. I can tell that Elie and Haru has something going on. But I have to make sure, I need to read the manga! As always, Hiro Mashima makes the most loveable characters in the world.

Plue is on the right. The blue thing on the left is named Griff. I really love him too! He is such a prevert but he just makes me laugh so much! I just want to know, what do you think Plue is? So far in the anime/manga the characters think he is a dog. Elie thinks he is a bug. I honestly don't know what to call Plue. He is pretty close to a dog. I really think Griff is a type of jelly fish. But that is what I think. :D