Wednesday, April 4, 2012

May the 4th be with you!

May 4th

Have you ever heard the saying, "May the force be with you"? Well, today is Star wars day! They decided to make this day Star wars day because if you say, "May the 4th" and then, "be with you", it would sound like, "May the force be with you". Sounds pretty funny. :D I'm not much of a Trekkie but I am in love with the story line of Star wars. In band, we played the Star wars theme. It was very funny and awesome!

Now, for something completely different. My rant of the day. I know it's weird but I have to rant somewhere on my blog sometime. If you don't care, just read it anyways, I love people reading my rants. Comments are pretty much appreciated! No hate comments! If you want manga/anime, look at my other posts and I'm currently trying to do homework and watch anime at the same time. Oh, and blog.

Did you know that pennies in Canada are going to be extinct??? My goodness! I love pennies! I just found out that pennies are going to be extinct! I must keep at least one penny....why did Canada suddenly want to get rid of pennies?? If you are not from Canada and do not know what pennies are, I will explain them to you.

Pennies are coins and are only worth one cent.

Now you are wondering, why do I care and why does this have anything to do with this? Well, without pennies, we Canadians won't be able to pay anything around one cent to four cents. For example, I went shopping and I bought a sandwich and a pop. I would have to pay at least 4 dollars and 51 cents for those. However, without pennies you can't get that one cent from the 50 cents! You will be short! To sum it up, Canada is going to make things more expensive by making things go by 5 cents cause we have the nickel which is 5 cents. So the 4 dollars and 51 cents turn into 4 dollars and 55 cents. It sucks!