Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shugo Chara Challenge Day 28: Would you be excited if Shugo Chara manga was published where you live?

I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was EXTREMELY busy and I had so much math. I cried so much this week because of the stress and other things. I can't take any of this anymore! Good thing I was hangin' with my friend Jen today. She has her liscense and it was the scariest thing when Kuya came into the truck with us. Kuya kept getting Jen to do drifts and doughnuts. The funny thing was, I kept freaking out every time Jen attempted to do it. When we came back to the church (we had a potluck!) I was like, "GROUND! THANK GOD!" It was so funny! :) I laughed so hard. Today was probably my highlight of the entire weekend. I forgot to mention, its Thanksgiving today! I don't have school tomorrow!! YAY!

My Cats!

Anyways, I feel much better. I'm still feeling a bit shaken but I'll live. Haha! Ok, for one, I am always excited when I see a manga that I like being published. So far, I have Volume 1, 3 and 5 of Shugo Chara. I can always read the manga online but its nice to have the manga in hand whenever I don't have internet.


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