Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hey guys! I'm soooooooo sorry for not posting! I'm kinda grounded but I have my ways around things like this. Anyways, how you guys doing? I've been stressed out latetly but other than that, I think I've been doing well. :)

I have exciting news! I was invited to do a guest post for a fellow blogger named Selena. I met her through my blog and I started to email her and such. It's so cool :D This is my first time doing a guest post and I ended blogging about myself and a bit about Korean Boy bands. I'll make up for the poor guest post.......later. Hopefully you guys check it out! ^_^

Alright! Down to the manga/anime! :D I haven't been reading or anything lately and I feel extremely bad. My list is quite long still. I will make it up to you guys someday. I'll make a new anime list soon!! :D

Title: I'm a Royal Tutor in my Sister's dress
Author: Sakurana Haru and (Art)  Mizuki Nomura
Genres: Gender Bender, Seinen, Comedy, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: ( An ordinary boy called Sherlock Doyle is captured and forced to put on his twin sister's dress by the Emperor's diplomat to be shipped to a small country called Ehren. His genius sister, Glinda, went missing two days before she's supposed to be sent to Ehren to be an royal tutor for the King's children. The sudden life change is too overwhelming for Sherlock, but he sees no way out. Later, he finds out the disturbing truth about the kingdom's intention with his sister.

I kinda liked this manga. Too be honest, I just started reading it and I was like, "Meh.....". But anyways, the art is awesome but I can't wait for new chapters. I wonder what the storyline has in store for me? :D

Title: Only the Ring Finger Knows
Author: Kannagi Satoru and (Art) Odagiri Hotaru (Uraboku!!)
Genres: Romance, Shonen ai, Comedy, School life, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: (  At Wataru Fujii's high school, it's all the rage to wear paired rings with the girl you love. Wataru wears one though he is single, and one day inadvertently discovers that his ring pairs up with that of tall, handsome and smart Yuichi Kazuki, the senior classman idolized by the entire school. Though Kazuki has a reputation for being kind to all, when dealing with Wataru, he is strangely harsh. Their paired rings somehow draw them together and the two alternately clash and attract, as they must sort out their budding feelings for each other.

The art is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G~!!!!!!!!!!! Expected from the creator of Uraboku! :D The storyline is so cute and makes my heart burst. You have your typical characters but I still enjoyed the clash of the couples. It's sooo cute~!!!!!


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