Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Be aware of the Congo!

Hey guys! This week is project week at my school! Project week is a torturous week where blocks of our subjects are 3 hours long! So far, I've had 3 hours of Social class (it wasn't so bad!) and CALM class (was ok) on Monday. Today I had 3 hours of Gym (we went "camping") and 3 hours of Social again which was pretty fun. Tomorrow I get 3 hours of French (yay!) and Math (urgh).

Kambale Musavuli

Ok, in Social class, we talked to this guy named Kambale Musavali from the Congo on Skype! Man, it was sooo extremely cool! I felt like I was talking to a celebrity! Kambale is a human rights activist, Student Coordinator and National Spokesperson for the Friends of the Congo. He tries to spread the word of what's going on in the Congo right now.

Alright, why were we talking to this man? Well, in Social, we are studying the Congo. The Congo is located in the heart of Africa. The capital of the Congo is Kinshasa and one major langauge is French. It is known for the many minerals/resources that get extracted from there. Diamonds, Gold, Copper, Tin......you name it! You can find it in the Congo. Did you know, minerals in your cellphones, phones, laptops and computers are all from the Congo? Without the minerals from the Congo we would be hooped!

The Congo is considered hell on earth because of what is happening right now. Did you know rape in the Congo is used as a weapon? Children are taken away from families and taken to be child soldiers. 50% of the population die and that 50% are children under the age of 5. Around that percentage of population (50), that is how many are under the age of 18. Civilians are constently murdered at random by soldiers that are supposed to save them. Un top of that, the government is unstable. Why is this happening to the Congo when the Congo is supposed to be rich and the people benefiting from it?

Our project for the Congo is to spread the word about the Congo. Not very many people know about the Congo and what is happening. My group is creating a blog just for it. You should check it out! If you see nothing on it, we are working on it! Oh, also try checking out my social teachers blog!


Please spread the word about the Congo! You could make a difference!! :D