Friday, March 16, 2012

Feels like Spring~

Finally it's the weekend! I'm totally pooped from Project know, I had to write two reports on two news articles and an essay that was due today. I did all that last night. Whoo hoo to me..... - _ - I'm soo dead.......

For the past week I have been just watching a whole bunch of animes on youtube. I don't know, I just randomly looked at videos and I suddenly wanted to know what the anime was called. So here I am, watching a whole bunch of different animes I watched on youtube. Have you ever done that before?

Title: Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream
Author: Mari Asabuki (Pretty Rhythm), Rio Fujimi (Aurora Dream)
Genres: Action, Romance, Shojo, Sports, School life, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed (There's going to be sequel!)

Summary: ( The Prism Show is an all-new kind of ice skating show that requires its participants to be figure skaters, models, and singers all at the same time. Aira and Rhythm are two girls who both dream of becoming the Prism Queen. They'll have to train hard and overcome both their quarrels with each other and their blossoming interest in boys if they want to achieve their dream.

I was just browsing animenewsnetwork for new animes and I spotted Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, the supposedly sequel of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. Since the sequel wasn't out, I decided to try to watch the original and I fell in love with it right away! I love figure skating with a passion! I love the sport soo much!! It's too bad that I quit but that's all in the past.

Anyways, the anime is just adorable! Of course it had its cliche moments but overall, I love it! I enjoyed it! I think it was cool for the creators to combine figure skating with some sort of magic and fashion. I love it! The storyline is pretty original! The art is utterly adorable and hot! Ahem, I mean, the guys in it are soo hot!! ;)

This picture is soo cool! The Callings from the anime, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream!

I started watching E's Otherwise on my brothers ipod since......a couple days ago. After watching AMV's about hot guys (I have no life), I discovered one character from E's Otherwise and I wanted to watch the anime right away!

Title: E's Otherwise
Author: Satoru Yuiga
Genres: Action, Shonen, Fantasy, Comedy, Supernatural, Adventure, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: (Wikipedia)

Kai and Hikaru are protected by a corporation called ASHURUM, from a society that fears E's. ASHURUM is 1 of the 12 corporations that rule the world. Found by Eiji, Kai was selected to be in ASHURUM's special force AESES and had to undergo intensive training in different areas, such as combat, hacking, and psychic training.

When Kai had free time he visited Hikaru at the hospital. Hikaru's condition never improved, however. After a year, Shen-lon warned Kai that Eiji actually only wanted his sister, because she was said to possess amazing psychic powers, but she was not able to use them due to her illness. Shen-lon then went on to tell Kai that Eiji was just hoping that Kai would have those amazing powers too.

Kai didn't believe Shen-lon and goes on a mission to Gald city, with the other E's, to infiltrate a hideout of guerillas that is said to have been using E's against their will. Kai finds some civilians caught in the middle of the battle. While trying to save a little girl, one of the civilians that is afraid of E's, shoots and kills Kai's partner.

Kai, still shocked from the death of his partner, tries to help the civilians, but meets up with Shen-lon. In a rage, Shen-lon unleashes a psychic blast that decimates half the city.

Later, Kai, washed up ashore, was found by a girl named Asuka. After being brought back to health, Kai was told by Yuuki, Asuka's brother, that he would not have his psychic powers back to the level they were unless he goes back to ASHURUM. However, after spending some time in the city with its residents, Kai decides to stay with Asuka and Yuuki for a while. As it turns out, Ashram has been brain-washing Kai and the other E's in order to make them more powerful. Aji plans to use Hikaru to destroy the human race to 'speed up evolution' so that only E's survive.

This anime is soo cool! The action scenes are sooo awesome! The art is hot! The storyline is utterly amazing!! I'm in love with it!! It reminds me of the X-men because society just disses them because Espers and Mutants are dangerous and such. I hate discrimination!! Anyways, I love how it has to do with Espers!! This is probably my first anime with Espers to be honest. I finished watching the anime in three days and I'm moving on the manga!

I want to master the's soo amazing!


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