Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Episode 2 Review: Legend of Korra

Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. I'm freaking out!! I just watched the second episode of Legend of Korra yesterday and.....I'm loving it soo much! I just had to tell the world that I'm in love with the new cartoon!!! I can't bottle it up! > x < This episode just topped the first!

This next part of this post may contain spoilers! Please watch the second episode of Legend of Korra! :D

Recap: Episode two consists of Korra starting her air bending training with Tenzin but it's not going very well. She ends up going to a Pro-bending match where she meets to two more main characters named Mako and Bolin who are part of the Fire Ferret team. Korra becomes drawn to the type of fighting techniques of Pro-bending and joins the team when the water bender of the Fire Ferret team fails to show up. Korra soon discovers that the fighting is different in the area from what she was trained for. Though she doesn't know this, she starts using air bending techniques to dodge her opponents attacks which results to a victory. Tenzin saw her fight and allows her to stay on the team.

I love the twin brothers so much!! //> x <// Mako is sooooo freaking hot! Bolin is really cute~! They are like exact opposites and it makes it so interesting! I can kinda tell that there is going to be something going on between Mako and Korra. *Smiles creepily* They would make a great couple!

I don't want to leave out Bolin! Bolin is pretty cool but I'm not sure if he would be great with Korra. I mean, they would be great friends but not that close. :D

The fighting scenes are soo refined and more detailed! It's so amazing! > x < I love it!!!!

I can't wait for the next episode!