Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 7! Favorite Anime Couple!

I love Kashino and Ichigo (Yumeiro Patisserie) together!!! They make such a cute couple..........but I also love Ikuto and Amu (Shugo Chara)......go AMUTO! Tadase is cute and all but Ikuto is cooler and hotter! I have sooo many favorite anime couples!!! Oh wait! Misaki and Usui from Maid sama are a great couple.....Usui is totally hot~!!

WAHH!!! >/////< Ikuto!!!!!!! (The 2 Pictures below contains a whole spoiler! Well the first one maybe not, Ikuto just kissed Amu on the cheek!!!! AHH!!!)

Ah, Motivational posters crack me up........LOL :D (Some may contain spoilers!)

Kashino motvational poster - kashino-and-ichigo photo

Ichigo and Kashino motivational poster - kashino-and-ichigo photo

Kashino & Ichigo <3  - kashino-and-ichigo photo

Ichigo and Kashino motivational poster - kashino-and-ichigo photo

OMG Go Kashino LoL !! - kashino-and-ichigo photo


Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 6! Most Annoying Anime character

I hate the stuck up rich and snobby characters. They always want the main characters man and think that they are better than anybody else. The most thing that annoys me is that most types of these characters always laugh with their hands in front of their mouths and laugh like this, "HOHOHO!". Its extremely annoying! I think we get that your rich and all that!

Miya Koshiro from Yumeiro Patisserie is a great example for the Most Annoying anime character! I hate how she wants Makoto all the time!!! Its sooo annoying! I want her to die in a hole! I can't believe she has servant boys with her all the time. Just leave her!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

100th Post! Manga Recommendation: Get Backers!

As it said on the title, this is the 100th Post! WHOO HOO! I would love to Thank you guys for reading my blog!!! Without you, my awesome viewers and manga, there would be no blog of mine! :) Ureshii des!!! Thank you!!!!

I read this manga just recently! It was very good!!! Its so funny.........:D

Title: Get Backers
Author: Yuya Aoki and (Art) Rando Ayamine
Genres: Action, Mystery, Comedy, Shonen, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing (Anime Completed)

Summary: (from Mido Ban and Amano Ginji, is known as the "GetBackers" whose motto is "If it's stolen, we can steal it back!". And the GetBackers' success rate is always 100%.

Always waiting around the Honky Tonk, clients call in to ask the GetBackers to retrieve something for them. And so, Ban and Ginji go through many weird and bizarre cases as they set forth to "get back" the belongings...

I love how Ginji is the nice one. Its soo cool how Ban has the power of his Evil Eye and Ginji, has the power of an electric eel! Its sooo funny! Ginji can shoot out electric shocks and whatnot!! He is soo cool! Ban can look at people with his evil eye and create illusions. Its neat! The art gets better and the story gets better and better throughout the chapters!


Day 5- Anime character your most like or wish to be

Time Stranger KyokoI don't know what anime character I am most like.........or who I want to be for the most part. I think I am several different characters. I think I am most like Ran, an energenic person and Miki, a person who loves art from Shugo Chara or (not an anime, I wish!! Oh wait....there is an OVA!) Chocola, a person who loves chocolate (Thats totally me!), from Time Stranger Kyoko. Well, I am always positive, happy and energenic. I don't really care what my situation and always look at the bright side. I'm not really positive about my drawings (they truly suck!) but I really love art!

Random picture from Time Stranger Kyoko. You can read my post about it here! Oh wait I've been doing some thinking.......maybe I can be one person! I am most like, Ichigo Amano from Yumeiro Patisserie. She just eats tons and tons of food! I'm like that allll the way! I love food!



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magical Girl Madness~!!

I was really bored one day and I decided to watch a whole load of Magical Girl anime........lets start with the kiddie magical girl animes! (I'm sorry if I forgot some......)

Title: Magical DoReMi, おジャ魔女どれみ Ojamajo Doremi
Genres: Magical Girl, Comedy, Fantasy
Age Rating: All Ages

Summary: Having boy troubles, 8 year-old Doremi Harukaze goes to a magic shop to find some kind of spell that will help her confess to him. Upon arrival she suspects the owner is a witch and she turned out to be correct. Due to this the owner of the shop turns into a frog. So without a choice Majo Rika decides to take Doremi as her apprentice. However Doremi must not tell anyone that she is training to be a witch or she will turn into a frog just like Majo Rika. But the real problem is, was this a great idea to train Doremi?

This anime is soo cute! But its sooo predictable!! I still love to make of them. I enjoy watching kiddy animes. They are so fun and cute.

Title: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Magical Girl, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: All Ages
Status: Completed

Summary: Fine and Rein happen to be twin princess's of the Sunny Kingdom, a kingdom among 7 other kingdoms. They are very known as the "most un-Princess-like Princess's" Unfortunately the "Sun" is losing its power. Fine and Rein have been chosen by Princess Grace (the Legendary hero of saving the sun before but cost her life), to investigate problem of the Sun. Can they save the sun?

From the Director who brought you Sailor Moon! I'm quite a fan of Magical Girls and this might be the should I say this? Cheesy. Very typical story line. I like some parts but not all of it. The art is very cute though. The anime is very funny! Oh if you are interested....there is a sequel. I don't think I can live through the sequel.......

Title: Jewel Pet, ジュエルペット Juerupetto
Genres: Magical Girl, Romance, Comedy
Age Rating: All Ages
Status: Completed

Summary: (From Anime News Network) In the magical place called Jewel Land, the magicians turned the Jewelpets into Jewels so they can travel to the magic forest with the exception of Ruby, a white rabbit who likes to goof off. But then a strong wind blew the stork and the jewels were spilled, scattering them across Takaragaseki City on Earth. Ruby, now being punished, is sent to Earth to retrieve her friends. On Earth, a student named Rinko is on her balcony observing the night sky and saw a group of shooting stars, one of them fell into her water glass and became a red jewel.

The next day, she and her friend Minami were saved by a boy named Keigo Taitou from a jewelry store robbery. He then explained to them that he was working from a special organization which is linked to the magicians of Jewel Land and told them about the Jewelpets. As Rinko awakened Ruby, and then met Alice later on, it’s now their task to gather all the Jewelpets together back to Jewel Land before an evil Jewelpet named Diana finds them first.

Art and story is great. Repetitive but okay. I would recommend it to younger viewers. Very cute! But.....only 2 episodes are in english sub!!!! I'm freaking out!!! Might as well watch the raws.......

Title: Jewel Pet Tinkle, ジュエルペット てぃんくる☆ Juerupetto Tinkuru☆
Genres: Romance, Magical Girl, Comedy, Shojo
Age Rating: All Ages
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Akari is a very shy and timid girl. She has a crush on Yuuma, a guy in her class. She meets Ruby, a white rabbit with ruby-like eyes, was sent to find a partner that has the same heart as hers. Later on Akari decides to be Ruby's partner and work hard to obtain 12 Jewel Stones so they both can take part in the Jewel Star Grand Prix where whoever wins gets to have one free wish.

To be honest the title sorta made me laugh. Seriously......Jewel Pet TINKLE? So funny......anways, I really love the art!!! Its so cute! The one guy character, Yuuma is soo hot!! >////< I also love the Jewel cute. As you can tell, I really love stuff animals!

Just to clarify, Jewel Pet Tinkle and Jewel Pet are totally different. But Jewel Pet is the first season and Jewel Pet Tinkle is the second. Ruby (the bunny) and the Jewel Pets are still the same in each season. However the human characters and the story changes. They may refer to some events from the past season. But each story are very interesting and great! The stories are just good! I personally think that the second season is better than any other!

This one is anime NEW! There is a new season of Jewel pet!

Title: Jewel Pet Sunshine
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shojo, Magical Girl
Age Rating: All Ages
Status: Ongoing

Summary: In the Sunshine Academy both Jewel Pets and Humans attend to study magic. Ruby and her friends dream on graduating but they are known as the "Risky Situation Group"  and what happens when Ruby gets to be Kanon's roomate?

I don't know what to say about this anime. I would say the story is very cheesy and corny! The worst season ever!! I don't like it as much as the second season......What happened to the magic? Where are the transformations?! Still love the art!


Title: Sailor Moon, 美少女戦士セーラームーン, Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn
Author: Naoko Takeuchi
Genres: Romance, Magical Girl, Comedy, Action, Drama, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Usagi Tsukino is an original junior highschool student, who gets poor marks in everything. One day she meets a talking cat named Luna. Meeting her changed her normal life. Next thing she knew, she transfroms into Sailor Moon, a warrior destined to save the Earth from Evil. Her first mission is to fight Evil and 2nd, find the moon princess. Can Usagi get used to this? Anways, can she do this?

I loved Sailor ever since I was a kid!!! I just love to copy her moves. Sigh, I'm such a dork but thats my childhood! "In the name of the Moon I will punish you!" LOL :D

Just a typical Magical Girl type. The girl fights for love and justice, who wouldn't? Well the bad guy of course! Hehe :) Anyways, I always get exicted when Usagianime/manga. I heard it came back in print in the U.S! After years of being out of came back!! I'm soo happy!!! You know what I hate? The english dub.......the names totally change! > x <

Petite Princess Yucie
Title: Petite Princess Yucie, ぷちぷり*ユーシィ Puchi Puri Yūshī
Author: Ramyuu Ryuuki
Genres: Magical Girl, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: All Ages
Status: Completed

Summary: Due to a curse, Yucie stopped aging at the age of 10. Her true age is 17. She wishes more than anything to become her true age. The only way of becoming older is that she has to be chosen to be the next Platina Princess. Once every 1,000 years, the Platina Princess will be able to use the power of the tiara to grant one wish. Of course Yucie goes for it but what happens when there are other candidates? What is their wish?


I don't know what to say about this! It is just.......very touching in the end! I really love it! Its so funny and cute! Arc, I love you!!!! Its so great how he makes fun of Yucie! Plus he is hot! I love the bond the girls have! Its so beautiful in the end! I cried! But.....the manga...I'm not satisfied with it and the anime left me with tons of questions!


Title: Tokyo Mew Mew, 東京ミュウミュウ Tōkyō Myū Myū
Author: Reiko Yoshida and (Art) Mia Ikumi
Genres: Romance, Magical Girl, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, School life, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: All Ages
Status: Completed

Summary: (from Anime news Network) Momomia Ichigo, is your average twelve year old girl that is until one eventful date. her crush masoya ayoama asks her to attend an endangered species exhibit and after a series of events she gets hit by a ray that turns her into a cat. now her and four other girls must band together to fight of the chimera and alien who are invading their planet.

On her first date with the cutest boy in school, Ichigo is zapped by a mysterious ray that scrambles her DNA with that of the endangered Iriomote wildcat. The next day, Ichigo discovers that she has developed the agility (and occasionally the ears and tail) of a cat, as well as the power to transform into a pink-haired superheroine, Mew Ichigo. She and four other girls, each endowed with the genes of a different "Red Data" animal, have been selected for the top-secret Mew Project, which aims to protect the Earth from an alien menace known as Deep Blue.
I loved this anime/manga since I was a kid! I just love how they transform into animals!!!! Its sooo cute~!!!

Title: Princess Tutu, プリンセスチュチュ Purinsesu Chuchu
Author: Mizuo Shinonome
Genres: Romance, Magical Girl, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Tragedy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: All Ages
Status: Completed

Summary: Drosselmeyer is a writer whose stories become reality. However he had his hands cut off and killed because of his power. Due to this, his story was left unfinshed with the Prince and the Raven trapped in a eternal battle. Raven escaped the story and went into reality. The Prince chased the Raven to seal it again. To seal it, he shattered his heart with his sword. For some reason Drosselmeyer can still control events even though he is dead. He let things go and let Ahiru, a duck who was watching Prince Mytho dance with sad and empty eyes, transform into a human girl. She can transform into Princess Tutu and find the lost pieces of the Princes Heart.

The ending sorta made me was a great storyline but......whatever. The art is good and the story is outstanding! The plot, gracefully well done! Its so cute and beautiful!

Title: Magical x Miracle
Author: Mizutani Yuzu
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Magical Girl, Gender Bender, Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: From Tokyopop:Merleawe has left her hometown and moved to the capital city of Viegald to attend wizarding school. On her way to her first day of school, she bumps into a man who kidnaps her and takes her to the castle, where she is charged with an awesome task—impersonating the kingdom’s master wizard! Fearing war would break out if it was known the master wizard, Sylthfarn, was missing, Sylthfarn’s inner circle has decided someone must pretend to be him. Merleawe tells them that she will take the job!

But not only does she lack the ability to cast more than simple magic, she also has no idea who the master wizard was! Unraveling the twisted threads of Sylthfarn’s disappearance and keeping up the appearances of both master wizard and first year wizarding student makes Merleawe’s every day challenging, magical and amazing!

You know what? I'm not satisfied with the ending!!! I loved everything else but.....the ending!!! ARGGH! I hate it when the ending sucks! But.......the art is so good!

Title: Nanatsuiro Drop, ななついろ★ドロップス Nanatsuiro★Doroppusu, Seven-Colored Drops
Author: Unisonsoft and (Art) Takami Yuuki
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Magical Girl, Fantasy, Seinen
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed (Anime 12 Episodes) and Ongoing (Manga)

Summary: Tsuwabaki is a normal student who one day bumps into a guy with "cosplay" ears. They accidentally switch drinks and Tsuwabaki is transformed into a Chibi lamb. A teacher tells him that he must find a girl and have her catch 7 colored drops so he can transform back into Tsuwabaki. However he must not tell the girl his real identity. What happens when that girl is his classmate, Sumomo Akihime?

The anime is really cute! I was happy to find the manga! I cried soo much in the great! The art is outrageously cute!! Kawaii desu~!!
The more.......mature magical girl type.

Title: Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha, 魔法少女リリカルなのは Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha
Genres: Magical Girl, Seinen, Comedy, Fantasy, Tragedy
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Nanoha is a normal elementary student. She started having dreams about this monster attacking a boy. She never knew that she would encounter him. One day she rescues an injured ferret who turns out to be a Shapeshifting mage named Yuno Scrya. He tells her that he is an archaeologist from another universe. He came to earth to collect 21 dangerous artifacts called "Jewel Seeds" that he discovered in his world. Jewel seeds grant people unnatural power and often turn them into monsters. Now that he is injured he wants Nanoha to collect them for him. Will she? Was this encounter fate? Coincidence?

Very cute!! The story kept me on my toes. I really loved it! I'm happy that there is another season of Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha! If you are interested it is called Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha A's? or maybe Strikers. I can't remember. :)

Title: Mahou Shojo Madoka Magika
Genres: Magical Girl, Fantasy
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Life was turned upside down when normal 2nd year middle-school girl, Kaname Madoka started to live her life at what was supposed to be a dream. She encounters a strange person and a creature. Is this fate? or just a Coincidence?

I expected it to be happier and cute but it turned out dark and creepy. I like it still! The art bothered me though...........its still alright.
Other Magical Girl Anime/Manga!

Once again, I have fallen in love with another Mangaka.........and her name is Mizuto Aqua!!!

Title: Almighty x10
Author: Mizuto Aqua
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Gender Bender, Shojo, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Ten is mad on Christmas eve because her 4 brothers cancelled on her. She finds herself with this guy named No. 10 and he is from a company called Almighty. Who is this blonde haired and green eyed guy?

I love the art!!!!!! Its sooo cute!!!!!! Interesting story......its really funny!!! Chapters.....come out faster!

I would love to say that my blog has reached passed 6,000 views! I'm sooo happy!! I would love to thank you, my awesome viewers!!!!! It always makes me happy when I see that people are actually reading my blog!!!