Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Friends.....aren't they great?


*Sigh* Friends are the most awesome thing ever (other than Chocolate). I just love how much I'm an influence on them. Like for example when I went skating with my friend Jenny on Sunday. I had soo much fun! I taught her how to skate....and she is getting better!! Yay! I'm such a great skating teacher! Well to be honest, I used to be a Figure skater but I quit. I don't really mind but I would really love to go back. Anyway, I kinda have the habit to show off (There you go Jenny I admitted it) Well I was soo close to be landing my jump!! I am quite like a pro. Haha It's been a long time since I've been Figure Skating.

I also influence my friends greatly when it comes to Manga or to Anime. Ever since I came, I've turned most of my friends into Manga freaks! I keep recommending Mangas or Animes. Your wondering how I became a Manga freak? Well my friends back up north, were also Manga freaks too. My 2 best friends there had soo much Manga books! Believe me, They both at least have 200 Manga books, EACH. Man, I only have around 20......I know thats sad. I just love borrowing Manga books from them. But since I moved, they've been either sending letters or books....I feel very bad cause half of my collection is from them!!! I will pay them back!!!! I just love them!