Friday, November 19, 2010

Yay! Manga!!

How am I going to start this?...hmmmmmmm Ok lets start with I love Manga and Anime!
As you can tell I am a Manga freak, Geek, Otaku, whatever you want to call it. If you don't know what Manga is then....this Blog is not for you, but If you are still learning about it and want to know then keep reading. ^0^  

So now your wondering what is Manga? (If you already know what it is...well to have to endure reading this until the next paragraph) What about Dragon Ball Z? or mabye Sailor Moon? (If not then where have you been living? Where have you been for all these years? Have you been doing???)  They are some examples of Anime and Manga. As I was saying, Manga is a kind of Book. Your probably thing "Great its about books....I hate reading" but Its actually a Japanese comic book. Now don't panic, Manga books aren't always in Japanese Characters but are in English or some other language that you can read in. Oh and one more thing, Manga books are Backwards...or Reversed whatever you want to put it. Once again don't panic, It may be hard for the first few weeks but you'll get used to it.

File:Manga reading direction.svg 

Ok....I'm probably boring you out but too bad! You know what? Just go search it on Wikipedia or Google or something, cause I hate explaining this. I'm going to change the subject by telling the world that my #1 Favourite manga is............(Drum roll please)........I have no idea....Sorry to disapoint you all but seriously, I've read wayyy to many to decide. I just love reading Gender benders and Romance. Don't worry there are other different genres that you might like, like Adventure.......Drama....Horror and the list just goes on and on. Anyway Thanks for reading this and forgive my spelling mistakes and what not. Also I'm quite new to Blogging (No I'm not a person who has'nt been on a computer, I have Facebook you know!) so don't blame me for not writing about a good subject. Well Nice to meet you all and Thank you very much!