Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Haha Well yesterday.....I had 3 hours of every class!!!!! I know it seems confusing because well....3 hours of every class? Your probably thinking "How on earth do you get 3 hours of every class?" Well since I only have 5 periods in a day...so 3 hours of a class.....(Thinking)...oh well yes, 2 classes for the week. How many hours in school do we have again? Which means.....Ok I'm probably confusing you and to be honest I'm confusing myself. It was soo dumb and boring!!!!! This week was Project Week...What fun? Project week is about having 3 hours of every class. I know it seems horrid but I was ok. Apparently 3 hours means....3 hours of Band! Yay! I love band!!! Why? Because my Band teacher is awesome! Also I get Doughnuts and Hot Chocolate from Tim Horton's!........But we didn't get it because there was a long line up!!! But I had Home ec so that was all good.

Now present day- I had 3 hours of MATH!!!!! I hated it!!! It was torture!!!! Not cool!!!!!!!!! I may be a geek but not a Math geek. People may say to me "It is soo easy!", yeah right! and some even say like I am actually smart, "I thought you were a smart person" Pahh! I am smart but not in Math! I'm sorry but I just can't do Math!!! -_-

 Grrr....Math......I am quite smart so don't call me   
                                                                                 stupid just yet

After Math I had umm....lunch YAY! I just love lunch! I am a pig but I'm not fat! I actually pretty skinny but no matter how much I eat I don't gain any weight! Haha I'm soo awesome! Also we have an 1 hour of lunch! Why? because it's project week! YAY! Haha! After lunch I had gym. It wasn't so bad because we just played basketball for an hour or so then watched a movie and ate pizza and drank pop. The movie we watched was....The new guy. It was very funny! I ate like 4 pizza's. See I am a pig. Don't call me that its rude. LOL