Thursday, January 27, 2011

It started with a kiss.....

Well I am talking about a drama so don't go thinking that I kissed someone cause.....well I don't do that for one........continuing on I have been studying a bit for exams and I was bored and wanted to take a break from studying and as you know studying to much is bad for your head, especially mine. What?! Don't you dare think about my teeny brain! I'm not the smartest person in the world!

Wait!!! I have to tell you about Itazura na Kiss first! (What?!) Don't ignore me!! It started with a kiss is from the Japanese Manga/Anime; Itazura na Kiss. Of course the drama is different than the original manga or anime but it is soooooo great!

I cried at the ending of the was so beautiful!

Title: It Started with a kiss, 惡作劇之吻 (恶作剧之吻)
Type: Taiwanese Drama
Genres: Romance, School life, Drama, Comedy
Status: Completed

Summary: Yuan Xiang Qin's house just has been taken down by a level 2 earthquake in Taiwan. She has just been rejected by her long crush, Jiang Zhi Shu a very smart high school student who gets 100% in every single subject. Why has this happened? First him then my house? Luckly her father has found them a place to stay. She soon finds out that the place is staying is Zhi Shu's house. His father and Xiang Qin's father were very good friends when they were in highschool. Has this turn in events give another chance to capture the heart of the cold hearted Zhi Shu? or will it just end?

There are many different versions of the drama Itazura na Kiss but in my opinion this version of the drama is better than any other! Ariel Lin (Yuan Xiang Qin) acted out the part of Kotoko pretty well (Even though it was sorta embarrassing watching her do stupid stuff cause when I watch Dramas I feel like that kind of things are happening to me but thats the character of Kotoko!) and also the person who acted out Irie Naoto is very very very very very very very hot~!!!! Joe Cheng acted as Jiang Zhi Shu in the drama! The way he makes me wanna melt!!!! >/////<

Arigatou~!!!!!! ^0^

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot Drama dudes

Since I have like nothing else to talk about...I'll just talk away about.....Hot guys who play in Dramas. I really love Hana Kimi and Hana yori Dango. Oh and Hong Gil Dong! (Korean Drama)

Oguri Shun

He plays in various Japanese Dramas. I know him from Hana Yori Dango and Hana Kimi. He plays Sano Izumi from Hana Kimi and plays Rui Hanazawa in Hana Yori Dango.

Kang Ji Hwan

Kang Ji Hwan plays Hong Gil Dong in the drama Hong Gil Dong (Korean). He won best couple award with Sung Yu Ri, who also plays in Hong Gil Dong.

Kim Joon

Kim Joon is known for his singing, acting and modeling. He is famous for acting as Song Woo Bin in the Korean version of Hana Yori dango; Boys over flowers. The K-pop (Korean pop) group he is in is called T-Max. His songs are soo good! Some of his songs are in the drama Boys over flowers.

Kim Hyun Joong

.....As you can notice I posted alot of pictures of him.....He is sooo hot~! >Melts<  Sorry, I really love him!
Why do Korean guys have to be so hot? Anyways Kim Hyun Joong is known for playing Yoon Ji Hoo in the Korean drama, Boys over flowers and Baek Seung-Jo in the Korean drama Playful Kiss (very amazing!!!!) Playful Kiss is based on the Japanese manga, Itazura na Kiss. He is the leader of the ever so popular Boy band SS501. I really really really love Kim Hyun Joong's hair style! So hot and cool!!!!

Well I don't watch alot of Dramas so this is all of the people I know is hot and worthy to be on my Hot drama dude list. Most of them are Korean guys....oh well they are soo hot~!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My rant on Magical Girls!!!!!!!!!

ARRGGHHHH!!!!! So frustrating!!!! You know whats sooo frustrating?????? Magical Girls!!!!! I know they are cute and all but they are sooooo predictable!!! Yes I am talking about the cute and fluffy kinds of Magical Girls. If you haven't watched any Magical girl types then........You may not like them (I sorta like them but thats not the point) Here If your getting all confused I'll tell you some types of Magical girls and some great Magical girls to watch or read (If your interested at least but this is a Rant!)

*Cough* Continuing on with my rant.......Magical Girls are sooo predictable!!!!!! Like they say "Oh no its one of those monsters again!" Jeez man.....I think we all know that! On top of that, the fighting scenes are so repetitive. Every single episode or so the fighting scences seem the same! For example, Futari wa Pretty cure or the whole entire season for it! Fighting scences repetitive! Also......why do most stories have to be revolved with groups of girls? Why not with one? In Fresh precure they have 3 girls teaming up. Or Mermaid melody with 3 also?? Why 3??? Its soo common! So frustrating!

I'm also complaining of how much most Magical girls have to be cute, clumsy or something fluffy like that! Most are totally weaklings! Like from the anime Jewel Pet Tinkle for example, the main character is a total weakling and has no confidence in herself and she joins up with an animal to learn magic so she can get the confidence and believe in herself. Ya know you can do that without magic! Also most main characters......(this one really makes me laugh or angry), they are pretty slow at realizing things. Like, Love or something or they are to embarrassed or shy to admit it! Nanasturio (I can't spell it! I'm sorry!!) drops for example. Cute girl,! Why am I talking about the weakling ones? Other types of Magical girl main characters are like, really smart or athletic! The total opposite to some fluffy or cute Magical girl.

Some Magical girls really really really scare me!! The art totally great but the story is somewhat dark and bit more mature than a very typical Magical girl. Take Magical girl Nanoha for example. The story is very somewhat dark and how should I explain this? Just aimed at a more Mature audience.

Without Magical Girl animes/mangas my life wouldn't be complete in a way........You know my first Manga I've ever read was a Magical girl? It was called Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP. I almost forgot Sailor moon. Now that one brings back memories (That made me sound old wow). Anyways, I like SOME of them. Like Shugo chara for example. Amu has a total opposite personality to any normal main character to a normal cute Magical girl story. Her outer personality is considered "Cool and Spicy" by students but at home she has a worrying feeling about her outer personality and I don't know I just like this story than any other Magical girl story in my opinion. Of course it has its scences of repetitive but overall the art is great the story is overly amazing!

I could rant on and on about this but...I should study more I think.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Manga of the week: Air Gear

I apollogize for not posting anything for a while!! Stupid exams........Well as a highschool student I do have to take exams or tests (Or do I?), whatever you want to call them. So I hope this post makes you happy that I did not die or disappear or decided to ditch you all so I decided to do one of these cause I haven't done one in a while so......^0^ Oh just to tell you people, I'm not that great at doing summurizations so....don't blame me!!

Author: Oh! Great
Genres: Adventure, Action, Shounen, Comedy, Sports
Age rating: Older teen 16+

Summary: Ikki "Baby Face" Minami goes home after being humilated by a Storm rider group called the Skull Saders only to find that his "sisters" are actually in an AT (Air treck) team called Sleeping Forest, they are quite a famous AT team. This is a secret that they have kept from Ikki until now. In the Anime, Angered by this he decides to steal one pair of ATs but in the Manga his sisters give him a pair and asks him to ride with them. Ikki soon grows a grudge on the Skull Saders and decide to get revenge on them. After getting a satisfying win, he wants to experience "flying" again in the sky for as long as he can. Due to this he has plunged into the world of AT's.

My review/opinion:
I really enjoy this Manga/Anime. It is full of Action, Comedy (So funny) and fun! I really love it! I never had fun with any shounen Anime/Manga before to be honest until I came across this one. Many shounens I've read/watched I smiled, laughed and sometimes cried but this was sorta unusual.....It made me laugh harder until I cried, think and smile until my mouth hurt. I just love this Manga/Anime!! It is soo good!Beware.....It may contain some mature themes....not really but nudity I think.

Anyways the manga has won the 2006 Kodansha Manga Award in the Shounen category and was praised for both dubbing (surprising....I liked the dubbing) and subbing. It was also praised for the awesome soundtracks. I really love the soundtracks! I never usually actually take notice of the soundtracks but this anime made me look into it. To be honest this anime/manga has given me some inspiration. If you have watched or read this then you would probably know why. So I'd like you to try to listen to some of the soundtracks cause they are quite catchy. You know how music in movies or shows comes in the right time? Well I sorta feel like that when I watch the anime with the sweet soundtrack in the background!

Some of the tracks are based on the song "Chain" by Back-On

How do you like them??? I know they are awesome!!!!!! (I know that you wouldn't be saying that so I'm trying to be postive here!)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Awesome Song Recomendations!!!!

Ah...........Music and homework work together? Well I can multi task......Anyways I was bored and wanted to post more song recommedations! Some may be from last post and I finally figured out how to do that youtube thingy so.....if you don't mind...I'll just some from the last post! These aren't numbered and all of them are J-pop.......If your thinking my taste of music is bad well to bad! I like these types and I'm proud of it!!!

Rainy Lady by On/Off

Asayake by On/Off

Marmalade Sky by Kanon Wakeshima

Dive to world by Cherry Blossom from the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Oboeteru by Home made Kazoku

Sunshine 60 by Flow

Ichirin no Hana by High and Mighty color from the anime Bleach

Scribbling at the sky from the anime Jewelpet Tinkle

Confidence by Rieko Miura from the anime Read or Die

Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi by Uverworld from the anime Gundam 00

Chance by Uverworld

Candy pop by Heartsdales feat. SOUL'd OUT

I still have tons but....I got caught on the computer and I'm supposed to do homework.....oopps......I hope you at least like one of these songs and try to watch some the animes! If you have any questions about the songs or want more recommedations for your taste then......feel free to comment!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time waits for no one....

Well I just finished watching "The Girl who leapt through time", twice and it was amazing! I don't want to spoil the ending so I'll just tell you about it!

Title: 時をかける少女 Toki o Kakeru Shōjo, The Girl who leapt through time
Directed by: Mamoru Hosoda
Studio: Madhouse
Release Date: July 15, 2006
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama and Sci-fi
Age Rating: 13+
Running Time: 98 minutes

Summary: Based on the novel "Toki o Kakeru Shōjo" by Yasutaka Tsutsui, Makoto Konno a teenage girl discovered one day that she can go back in time or "Time Leap". She uses this to her advantage to avoid being late and re-do her mistakes. She soon discovers that the time leap benefits her but it can hurt people around her.

Finally my review!
Ok this is what I think about his movie......It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!! It is now my number 1 movie of all time! After watching it I stayed up all night thinking about it! I couldn't stop thinking about it! Just to warn you......You may cry during a few beware! Oh and may get you thinking about it after you finished watching!

You have to listen to Garnet by Oku Hanako after you watch this!!! Or now.........Whatever it is a good song! After I discovered what the words meant of the Japanese version, I was balling!!! The chorus was just, how should I put this? Just......sad and sweet! I really love the song even though it made me cry......but this song is in the movie so yeah. Oku Hanako inserts some of her songs in this movie and I really love them! Especially the piano part!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fairy Navigator Runa and Mamotte! Lolipop

Another Manga Recommendation.........I have a different story with this one.....appartently it was a brithday present that I got today from my friend Jenny. My birthday was last month and she apparently lost it in her closet. She finally found it underneath a pile of old clothes. It was very very funny and I was happy that she found it! Before she lost it she had some trouble of trying to find me what manga to buy me at the bookstore. So she asked a group of people that looked gothic of what book to buy or that I might like or might not have (I know too many manga's and I don't have that many manga's) Its actually quite funny. She was worried that I have already read it (to tell you the truth I've heard it but never read it yet until today) or already had it (which I don't but now I do!) So thats my story of how I got to know Fairy Navigator Runa but I bet you don't really care so here is some information about it! ^0^

Title: Fairy Navigator Runa
Author: Miyoko Ikeda
Artist: Michiyo Kikuta
Genre: Romance, Adventure, Fantasy
Age Rating: 13+

Summary: An ophaned girl named Runa Rindo was left in front of a school with only a wooden box and a pendent when she was a baby. Now in the forth grade and strange things start to happen.

I personally think that this manga is very great! This manga is mainly aimed at younger girls because I can just tell that the art is shoujo meaning it is sorta bubbly and cute. I really want to get the second book now! The illustrations are done by Michiyo Kikuta who is also known for doing a manga called Mamotte! Lolipop. It has been turned into an anime and quite popular! I know it has its cheesy parts and yeah can be for younger audiences but I really love it!

Author: Michiyo Kikuta
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, School Life
Age Rating: 13+

Summary: Nina "accidentally" swallows the crystal pearl that is needed for an sorcery exam. Since she swallowed the crystal pearl by accident...she is now the target for all of the sorcerers that is taking part in the exam. Apparently due to this turns of events she is now protected by two wizard boys. One is named Zero and the other is named Ichii. They will protect her until the potion is complete. Apparently the potion takes 6 months to complete so in the end Zero and Ichii follow her around, at school and home.
I can't believe it finished!......Wait!!! There is a sequel!!! If you want to know it is called Madotte! Mamotte! Lolipop! by Michiyo Kikuta. I was soo happy when I found out there was a sequel! I'm sorry, I am a sucker for Shojo manga's......Why did Shojo beat have to stop being made?!? It was the best Shojo manga magazine ever!!! 


Friday, January 7, 2011

Anime Funnies!

I was bored today so I wanted to post some funny looking scences from Animes....I know you find them on google but I was bored so don't hold them against me!! Believe me they are the most funniest things you have ever seen so yeah.

Funny Motivational Posters - Anime

I hope you at least laugh at them!! I hope you enjoyed looking at these!!!!! >0< If you want more them...look them up on google!!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Manga Recommendation: D.N Angel~!!!

Lets see....Whats a great manga recommendation? Well theres this one and this one but I kinda like this one you go! Alright! I've made up my mind! The manga recommendation I am doing is about D.N Angel. Its like one of my favorites!!!

Title: D.N Angel
Author: Yukiru Sugisaki
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Drama
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: On his 14th birthday Daisuke Niwa discovered that he has another ego, the legendary phantom thief Dark. On that same day before that he confessed to his crush Risa Harada but was rejected. Apparently only when she returns his feelings then Daisuke would stop turning into Dark. So until then Daisuke turns into the phantom thief Dark to steal various things. Daisuke hates this but as long he has feelings for Risa then he won't stop turning into Dark who responds to love, meaning when Daisuke thinks about Risa or blushes about her or something then he turns into Dark. Daisuke also finds out that this kind of thing goes around his family. 40 years ago his grandpa was also Dark and Darks wings was his pet rabbit Wiz. (I know it sounds funny but its actually cool!) Daisuke is scared of getting caught and arrested by his classmate Satoshi, Who also has an ego but the opposite of Dark, Krad. Later in the series Daisuke begins to know the truth behind Dark and why he is stealing things, Dark finds himself slowly falling in love with Risa and Daisuke falling in love with Risa's twin sister, Riku. They encounter various enemies and adventures.

I just love the art style!! It totally gets a whole better when you get into it and the story is amazing! The guys are soo hot!!!!! The side views are amazing!! Now I want to get the entire series now........-_- Oh well I'll get some books from it sooner or later. I'm currently reading it online now so I don't need to worry! Yay!!!!

Dark suki des~!!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

Sorry this post is not about manga.......the next one will be!

I'd like to welcome 2011! Good-bye 2010! Now it is a New year! So happy! Sorry I just wasted a post but whatever. Oh and by they blog has reached 1,000 views overall! Congratulation to me! (Bow Bow) I know it is pathetic but I'm quite happy about it!

Whats up with 2012??? I mean its just another year but whats so special about it? Man it just irritates me how it is the end of the world thingy.....I know its not true! Dumb calendar They even made a movie of whats going to happen! The ending sucked and like only the main characters lived, oh I wonder why? I just hate those kinds of movies that only the main character HAS to live. I know it would ruin the story but one of them has to die. Do you know what I mean? Maybe not....... Well It totally annoys me. Grrrr......

So anyways thank god for a good year!

Arigatou for reading my blog!!!