Sunday, May 8, 2011

An awesome composer! Yiruma!

I am a piano player and watching this dude play inspires me. He is absolutely amazing! The way he plays each song.......I feel something from them. Just simply beautiful.

Now your wondering, who is this guy? This guy is a Korean Pianist/Composer (a very amazing one!) from South Korea. His real name is I Ru-ma. Started piano at age 5 (I started at age 3!) and moved to London at age 11. Yiruma is just a stage name and it means accomplishment in Korean. His most popular song is River flows in you. Its so beautiful.......:3

River Flows in You

Kiss the Rain

Passing By

One Day I will, Leave Behind

I love the second one.......the combination of piano and cello is just beautiful!!!!

Well, I'm off to attempt to learn one of his songs......^o^