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Day 24! Favorite Hero or Heroine

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Yet another hard and difficult question! I just don't know!!!! > o < I read and watched wayy to many mangas/animes. My friends should know.......;D Anyways, let me think for a moment.....hmmm. Shojo heroines are always usually good or bad at sports and school, cute, naive, ugly, energetic, bubbly, love to eat (me all the way!), strong, dense (mostly all shojo heroines are), weak, smart or dumb, just right and have family problems, no family or have a family, always turn out normal but they aren't (in magical shojo stories), normally have no friends or popular, teased, bullied, always determined, strong willed, sometimes stubborn, they want to protect something or someone and yeah. Thats pretty much what is in a Shojo heroine. Oh! Also they have a crush and always gets the guy in the end. Usually the guy is kind or mean and always hot. = w = Shojo guys are hot......they are always hot and cool. Or some are just cute and cool.

Ikuto from Shugo chara......he is soo cool and hot!

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A great example of a Shojo heroine! Hikari from Special A is a athletic girl and very determined to beat her rival, Kei. She is very dense though. She doesn't realize his love for her!

Shonen heroines on the other hand, either have big boobs (which is true) or small. They are nice, mean or just down right weird. Strong or weak, stubborn, stupid, dumb and usually travel with the main guy or Hero. They try to help or save the Hero and usually are in love with them or whatever. I'm not sure what else so I think thats it for Shonen heroines. Don't yell at me for missing something!! Oh yeah, you can't yell at me.........all you can do is comment!

Kagome from Inuyasha! She obviously loves Inuyasha and has to help him find the Jewel shards. She is cute, normal (well not the fact that she is a reincarnation of Kikyo and see Jewel shards) and pretty stubborn.

Now for the Shonen Hero's! Shonen Hero's are usually pathetic, weak, stupid, energenic, not very athetic or good at school, a geek. Or they can be popular, a loner, smart, strong, cool, cute, hot (= w =), short, tall.......girl crazy, perverted.......hmm.....what else is a guy like? (I'm sorry guys) Crazy? No, thats not it.........well, many Shonen Hero's are usually wanting to protect someone or something, have some kind of power, determined, stubborn, scary or funny.

Ikki from Air gear is a great example of a Shonen Hero! He is pretty cute, funny, perverted (aren't all guys?)

After all that thinking (or typing), I have decided who is my favorite Hero is!

Sawada Tsunayoshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Tsuna is a boy that has poor grades and does very poor in school. He is pretty weak, short and has a major crush on a girl in her class but to pathetic to confess. Then Reborn comes along. Tsuna becomes more cooler and has more friends to protect. I love how he gets his X gloves.....its soo awesome!! 


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