Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drama Recommendation! Gloria!

Seriously, I post this and then suddenly it isn't. What an unlucky now I have rewrite it.......great. Maybe something about yesterday about blogger not working?

File:Gloria Poster.jpg

Title: Gloria
Type: Korean Drama
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Tragedy
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: Since it was really confusing...I just got the summary off of Wikipedia. I'm really sorry!
Gloria is an intense tale of people who are fiercely devoted to surviving their rough lives, focusing in particular on the life of a nightclub singer, Na Jin Jin, who braves the difficulties of her work to provide for her mentally handicapped older sister, Jin Joo. She finds an unwavering source of strength and support from her loyal childhood friend, Ha Dong Ah, a third-rate gangster with a big heart. Jin Jin also meets a potential love interest in Lee Kang Suk, the president of Double Sharp Entertainment, who has his own problems to face as the illegitimate son of an entrepreneur.

I really love this drama! The plot has lots of twists and tend to be complicated. Its sooooo awesome how they act everything out and how everything comes together in the end. Its so romantic and funny. I really love it!