Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 25! Best Anime Villian!

WAHHH!!!!!!!!! I must say this first!!!! I didn't realize that my blog reached 10,000 views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woah!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo freaking happy~!!!!!!!!!! > o < Thank you guys!!!! I don't know about you but I think I'm pretty awesome. I'm sorry.....I just needed to motivate myself! I thank you guys once again for reading my blog! You, my awesome views, are the reason I keep blogging! :D Arigatou Gozaimasu~!!! ありがとうございます~!!! (Bow)

Who is my favorite anime villian? I have many and I just randomly I techincally have two. If you have read D.gray-man then you probably heard of them. The Noah family always crack me up. I love Jasdero and Devit! They are known as Jasdevi! I love them!!!! They are sooo funny!!! How they point guns at each other......its so great!

I also love Tyki Mikk.......he is pretty hot....and funny :D


Arigatou~!! ありがとう~!!