Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Manga Recommendation! V.B Rose!

I'm sorry!! > x <
I'm sorry!!! I was busy over the weekend and I'm not kidding! I lost my voice and got sick.....but I finally had the chance to go an the computer!! :D So if you are wondering what I was doing on the weekend well......I went to a Christian concert. Don't you dare diss me because of what I believe in. I believe in who I want to believe in and you can go around believing what you want to believe so don't diss me! We all good? Good! :)

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So I was at this concert right and I was yelling, shouting and singing really loudly at the concert. I ended up having a sore throat after that and I somehow got sick. I don't know how that happened! So yeah, thats my weekend for ya. Today and yesterday I missed 2 periods of school because I was feeling totally sick. I wanted to sleep more but my mom made me go to school and look at me now! (Well you can't, be glad you can't) I'm totally dying!! I kept sneezing on my way home.....I was like, either someone is talking about my wayyy too much or I was just getting more sick. I'm just sayin. ^_^

Oh Look! Look!! We made Pinatas in Art Class and I made a Fish Pinata!! I got 100%! I think it kinda sucks.......but I still love it! Stupid paint.....I got it all over his eyes......wait a sec! I haven't even named this fish! I could name it food....but thats just me. :D If you want to give this fish a name then feel free to comment!

File:VBRose vol01 Cover.jpg

Title: V.B Rose, V·B·ローズ V.B. Rōzu, Velvet Blue Rose
Author: Banri Hidaka
Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Shojo, School life
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Ageha Shiroi has a case of Sister complex. When she finds out that her sister is not just pregnant but getting married!! Ageha refuses to accept this. Her sister one day takes her to Velvet Rose to find a wedding dress. Velvet Rose is a shop run by a pair of guys, Yukari Arisaka and Mitsuya Kuromine. They both design and make wedding dresses. Ageha totally fell in love with the store because she loves to make purses for her friends. But what happens when Ageha loses
it and accidentally breaks Mitsuya's hand??

This manga is really adorable!! I love it! The art is ok but gets better so I have nothing to complain about anything else. The story just flows great and yeah, I love it!! > x <



  1. I know! John Roberts Benvolio Xander Junior! :D

  2. Thats a long name......
    I love it!!! Hahaha!!!

  3. I just have to say I LOVE THE FISH PINATA!

    I have read a sample of V.B Rose; it came in a small book with my Fruits Basket 23 volume. While I haven't even finished the first book, I think it has potential to get me hooked. Seems cute enough.

  4. Your comments make my day!! I'm happy that you love my Fish Pinata!! :D

  5. The fish is awesome! great job! and I love! love! love! V.B rose! One of the best mangas I have ever read! Worth the read! And that Christian concert sounded so much fun!!!!! I am Catholic so I love christian music!


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