Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manga of the Week! Fly High!

Fly High!
Sigh, What a week! My arm is tired from coloring pic for math (I know math) and no school tomorrow.........I'm soooo tired! Oh you know what the most weirdest thing is? My best friend has been looking at her hair because she dyed it the front purple. Its so funny looking at her because every once in a while she would look at a strand of her hair. Its funny. She did it during the exam today. :D  Anyways, I have fallen in love with another mangaka, Oouchi Natsumi. Her art is soooooo cute, beautiful and awesome! I love it!!!

Fly High! 1 - Page 5

Title: Fly High!
Author: Oouchi Natsumi
Genres: Romance (Its so cute!), Comedy, School life, Drama, Shojo
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed, 13 chapters (Its too short!!!! ARGH!)

Summary: After 7 years of training with her father who thought that she was a boy, Meru Tachibana returns to Tokyo. She is stronger than most guys so she tries to hide it because it will be in the of making friends. However since the school is heck. Eighth graders picking on the weak and the student council not doing anything, makes Meru's position impossible. Will she be able fix the school without her strength and become a successful the new student council president?
Since the art is amazing.......I'll save this picture to my computer....
This manga is soooo cute and awesome! I think its pretty inspiring! I know it may be really frustrating but this like real life stuff. I love how Meru is very strong and goes all karate on people! I think its cute! Also the art is sooooooooo overly cute and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!! The eyes, the girls, the hair........the guys! The guys are soooooo hot!!! Everytime I want to melt~! I'm sorry Arina Tanemura! Oouchi Natsumi in my opinon makes hotter guys than you.........^_^ My only complaint is that the story is freaking short!!!!!! > x <



  1. How dare you. I am so offended by that comment... >.<

  2. I'm sorry!!! I kinda like her guys though.....I still love Arina Tanemura!!!!!!!! Don't hate me!!! >.<

  3. arina tanemura draws in my opinion hotter guys, but Oouchi Natsumi draws cutter girls :)
    did you hear about Oouchi Natsumi sister (she is a mangaka too xD) her name is Andou Natsumi :) she has a really great manga named "Arisa" you should really check it out i recommend it :))) !!!

    1. I totally agree!!! I never knew Oouchi Natsumi's sister was Andou Natsumi! I definetly read Arisa and I love it so much!

      Thanks for commenting!! ;D


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