Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 27! Favorite Trap

Well I'm sorry for being stupid but........what does "Favorite Trap" mean?? (Looks on google) Oh.....well then......I get it now! A trap is basically a guy dressing up as a girl! Well a guy looking very much like a girl! :D

Nadeshiko's eggs
Now, what is my favorite trap? I don't know......hhmmmmm.........I know!!! Shugo Chara!! If you haven't read or watched the manga/anime then this post may contain spoilers! As I was saying, my favorite trap from Shugo chara is Nadeshiko! She is actually a boy! He dresses up as a girl for sometime because......what was the reason again? Oh yes, because for dancing reasons. His mother made him dress as a woman. And also he has two eggs. In the beginning of Shugo Chara, you only see Temari. Later his blue egg hatches and pops out Rhythm. I love him! He is pretty awesome!

Nadeshiko's Character Change with Temari

Yamato Maihime.png

If you are wondering what Nadeshiko looks like as a guy......then here! Her or his real name is Nagehiko! He is little bit of a playboy. I love him! Its pretty cool when he character changes with Rhythm He looks pretty hot too....hehe :D

Nagehiko's Character Change with Rhythm