Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 8! Most Epic scene ever!

Wahh!!!!! I'm sorry!!!!! I missed a day!!! I'm such a failure!!!!........whatever. I'm still going!!!!

(I forgot what episodes these don't ask me! Oh and.......this may contain spoilers!)

I would say the most epic scenes I've ever seen is in Shonen mangas/animes. And one awesome Shonen manga/anime is Fairy Tail!!!! There are tons of awesome and epic scenes!!!!! I can't remember them all but one scene that sticks to my head is when Natsu fights Jellal or Gerad. It was soo beautiful.....when that one guy, Simon blocked an attack from Jellal. He died.........and it was sooo sad!!! I was balling!!!!!!!!!! Here! I found the scene on youtube! You have to Watch it!

No wait!!! The fight between Laxus and Natsu!!! And then when Laxus leaves, everybody in Fairy tail does this sign when one of the members of Fairy tail leaves. Its very touching........If your wondering what chapter, Ch. 127 or 128 I believe. I can't remember. (I'm sorry you might not even know what I'm talking about!) I'll try to find it......Oh! I did!

Fairy Tail 128 - Page 9

Fairy Tail 128 - Page 11

Fairy Tail 128 - Page 12

Fairy Tail 128 - Page 13

Fairy Tail 128 - Page 15

The fighting scene......