Sunday, July 3, 2011

Song Challenge Day 25! A song that makes you laugh

What did I do today? Well technically yesterday........sorry about that. I just have to tell the world! My blog is kinda like my little diary.....its fun to blog about my life and manga! :D

Hey there! Summer is so hot here in Canada! Its a great time to go to the beach. Speaking of the beach, I went there yesterday. I had a picnic with family and friends. I'm really happy because I ate quite a bit. Of course it was really crowded (I hate crowds) but that ment lots of guys in the area. I didn't really look like I was interested but man, those guys were HOT. I'm sorry but I couldn't help it, they were walking around shirtless, (I swear, they are literally saying 'come and get me' or 'look at me') in the sun, showing their muscles.........I think one of them had a six pack. You know me, I love the draw things that I see or interested in. I'm scary that way.

An example of a hot guy

Ha haha.......he is so hot....
So here I am trying to draw one of the guys (it was kinda difficult because he was too hot that I get distracted by just staring at him. I didn't finish my drawing.) and I spot this guy on the beach. This guy was probably my highlight of the day. He wasn't hot or anything- not even close. No offense to any of my viewers but he was pretty large and fat. He was shirtless and it was pretty gross to look at that fat stomach hangin there. He wore a Canada flag on his back like a cape and a funny looking hat, of course he had swimming wear on. It was pretty funny looking at him while he walked down to the beach.
Who is that?!
Well thats what I did yesterday. I had quite a bit of time to think about what song that made me laugh. After all that thinking yesterday, I still can't think of one. Hmmmmm.............(Starts laughing hysterically) HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!! My friend Jenny Jen showed me this song. Are you sick minded? Well, I am, allll the wayyy. You will know when you listen to this song. If you don't get it......I feel sorry for you.

This song made me laugh like crazy........

The Assumption song by The Arrogant Worms