Sunday, July 3, 2011

Song Challenge Day 26! A song that you can play on a instrument

This challenge is easy one! Finally! I can play a whole bunch of songs on a instrument and I mean, not just one. Shall I name the instruments I play along with the songs?


>Sigh< I don't think I have time for that. I need to pack for camp tomorrow. I'm sorry for leaving again and not posting anything but its summer vacation. My mom is making me go to this camp and I really don't want to go!

This is from.....Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. I just found it on google :D
Argh, parents. I don't really care now. No matter how much I protest or don't want to go......they will stick with the answer. >Sigh< I still love them anyways. They buy me books! :D Anyways, I'll be gone for like a week.......its not that long! (well maybe) I love the smell of camp fire and being in the outdoors! ^_^

Well carrying on with the challenge, I can play "Love Chronicle" from the anime Full moon wo Sagashite, on piano. Believe me, I can play the piano version. I don't have time to record it so look forward to it! For now, I'll post the actual version. Of course its not played by me.

My goal over the summer is to learn a whole bunch of anime songs on piano over the summer! :D