Saturday, July 9, 2011

Song Challenge Day 28! A song that makes you feel guilty

My friends!!! I am back from camp!!!!! YAY! I'm totally tired though.......anyways! (I'll tell you about camp in a different post) Thank god I'm on the computer know what I did the first thing I did when I got back? I took a shower! Then unpacked......then went to the computer!!! I checked my email and then my blog! I was happy to find a couple comments waiting for me. I was pretty happy. :D

Fudge......I don't know what to put for this one. A song that makes me feel guilty? But first, what do you mean by guilty? You know, there is many different feelings or definitons for the word 'guilty'. Anways, I'll just guess. I don't know.....hmmm......I guess I can put this one down. I don't know how this makes me feel guilty but it just does.

Secrets by OneRepublic