Friday, July 1, 2011

Song Challenge Day 24! A song you want to play at your funeral

Funeral? Who said that I would die? I'll be immortal~!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!! >Ahem< I'm joking! Everyone has to die at some point but I want to enjoy my youth for a little while.....anyways! If I ever die, I would have no idea what song I would want to play at my funeral. I don't really care because I'm dead!!

Since your asking, I'll tell you my honest answer, I have no idea. My question is, what kind of songs do they play at funerals. Sad songs? Happy songs? Of course not.......well maybe happy songs. Happy songs.........I know! I want a sad song to play then after a happy song!! :D I have a somewhat sad song......I think its not at all sad but its really beautiful. Whenever I listen to it, I'm in total bliss......

This song is from anime D.N Angel, its a soundtrack. If you love this song then you should try watching the anime, if not then thats awesome! I get so relaxed.........its so beautiful.

I love songs that involve just instruments!! I love them!!! :D My goal before I die is to learn the violin!! Man, that instrument makes the most beautiful and warmest sound (I think) other than the flute. I play the flute and I really love to play high notes on it. Its soooooo extremely beautiful~! I'm so proud of myself!

Sacred Maiden

I also love this one too...........why am puting lots of depressing songs?! Well they are still beautiful!!

Fragments of Dreams

This is maybe the last one...........MAYBE. Its pretty happy and innocent, like me! I wouldn't say innocent but I'm pretty carefree. This song will remind my friends and family how I used to be happy and loved music like this.

Good Morning, Jealousy, Exciting Feelings