Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Manga of the Week! Ranma 1/2

I haven't been posting anything manga related.....I'm sorry!! Believe me, I'm writing a post with TONS of manga to read and anime's to watch over the summer. Its just taking long so wait! In the meantime.....please read this post about Ranma 1/2. I know its old but really, its actually a great manga/anime. I really love it!

I couldn't find a reason why I didn't want to watch the anime or read the manga. I guess I didn't come across it or have the interest to. I mainly thought it would crash and burn and suck really bad because it was an old manga/anime (maybe just the art bothered me) but I totally thought wrong. Man, I've to stop thinking like this!

File:Ranmavolume1.jpgTitle: Ranma 1/2, らんま1/2, Ranma Nibun-no-Ichi
Author: Rumiko Takahashi (Creator of Inuyasha)
Genres: Romance, Martial Arts, Action, Comedy, Gender Bender, Fantasy
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 16+ Older Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: 16 year old Ranma Saotome is a guy trained in Martial Arts since childhood. Along with his father (Genma), they both went to China to train. Apparently they both fell into a cursed spring in Jusenkyo. Funny thing is, whoever falls in the spring will take form of whoever or whatever drowned the spring thousands of years ago. Whenever the cursed one is in contact with cold water, they will turn into that form. Fortunately, in contact with hot water, they turn back to their normal selves. Genma fell into the spring of the Drowned Panda (he turns into a panda now) and Ranma fell into the spring of the Drowned Girl, therefore he will turn into a girl when in contact with water. Funny yet?

Things get worse for Ranma when he finds out that he is engaged to his fathers friend, Soun Tendo's daughter. Soun has three daughters, Kasumi, Nibiki, and the guy hater, Akane. Since Akane is Ranma's age, she is chosen to be the bride. Of course Akane and Ranma hate the fact that they are being forced into this. Akane is a tomboy and hates guys. Ranma just don't it. They both hate each other! Will love ever blossom from this relationship?

I was bored one night and I couldn't sleep so I looked around for some kind of Gender Bender, Romantic and funny anime to watch. I came across Ranma 1/2. For awhile I stopped myself from watching this and I don't know why. I decided to get over it and watched it........Dubbed. I was on my siblings Ipod touch and I couldn't watch it Subbed. I went on with it and I almost died. I didn't mind the Dub (I love the Ranma's guy dub, he seems hot) so much because it seemed to match the characters character.

The reason why I almost died because the anime is just freaking funny! It was like, maybe midnight and I was supposed to be sleeping but I ended up watching an anime. I couldn't laugh to loud and that was pretty hard.

One second Ranma is a guy and then he comes across water. Great. I love how there is water somewhere in the anime and he happens to turn into a girl every time. Its really funny. The way the comedy comes into play is greatly used. It comes at the right time. Romance slowly develops, along with the characters. Its great how it goes at the right pace. It takes it time. Not to slow or too fast. I hate it when some manga's or anime's rush things like character development or Romance. Or slow things down where you can really tell they are in love and stuff but there is no development.

The art is memorable. I can tell this is Rumiko Takahashi's work by the style but there is something about it that makes it really intriguing. I can't put my finger on it......I just don't know. Is it how old the art is? Or it just sticks in my head? I don't know. I think its really cute, fits perfectly with the storyline and really amazing considering its made in 1987.

The storyline is really interesting! Its totally out of this world. Totally new to me! The fighting scenes are cool and the characters are really unique. Once you meet another character, it will cause the main character to develop and change. You will see differences in their actions and ARGH! Man, I love the love triangles and complicated-ness. I know this anime/manga seems wayy to long but hey, it makes time for the characters and story to develop nicely. I love it! Do I have anything else to say about the storyline? Hmm.......Its just really great and full of Comedy and Romance. The story is sooooo cute and I enjoy it soo much.

As I've said this manga/anime is pretty old. The animation is pretty good. :D Please, don't let how old the manga/anime is get to you. If you looked at it at a different perspective, there would be no difference.

Now your wondering......Do I like it better than Inuyasha? I'm not going to answer because I can't decide. They are both great works by Rumiko Takahashi and I can't decide! They both have great humor, cute romance and lots of interesting action. Ranma 1/2 is more popular with the females while Inuyasha is with males. If you watched or read Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2.......comment and tell me what you think! negitive comments!!

Oh! One last thing........I really love Ranma!!! He is soooo cool!!!!

(looks at my post once again) Wow.......I typed alot......that a first. Please try reading the manga or watching the anime!! I guarantee you, you will love it!