Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Song Challenge Day 13! A song that is a guilty pleasure

Ummmm.........What does the question mean? Forgive me for being stupid but, what does it mean? Hmm.....Give me a second, I'll figure it out.
(In the middle of thinking)

I think I get it! :D I guess I have to think of a song now! I don't know how this song goes with my guilty pleasure category but, whatever! :) The lyrics are in there.......just listen to it! When you hit the play button the song starts (obviously) and then the characters will sing then the translation will come up. I have no time to type the whole thing out.........

From Keroro Gunso!

Keroro Platoon Authorized! Passionate Learn to Draw Song By: Keroro Allstars

Well, the only one that probably is my guilty pleasure is eating alot of sweets or ice cream. So technically the song that is my guilty pleasure starts at about 2:35 of the song. Listen to it and you will probably think I am such a weird person. :D