Sunday, June 19, 2011

Song Challenge Day 11! A song from your favorite band

Yay its the weekend!! :D Its almost over.....I have tons of homework to finish.........oh well. I am such a procrastinator. What does procrastinate mean? It finish things last minute. I do that all the time. I'd rather blog, read manga or watch anime than do homework. I'll finish it later!

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday!
Check out this sweet picture I took! Its sooo pretty!!
The picture above are flowers from our Cherry Tree in our backyard. They were blooming (finally) and they were extremely pretty! They didn't bloom last year......I'm happy they did this year! Haha......Cherries! I love Cherries! Wait....wouldn't these be called Cherry Blossoms??!! I'm such an idiot.

Now, for the challenge of the day, A song from your favorite their asking what my favorite band and a favorite song??? I don't exactly have a favorite band or song.....I usually listen to Japanese and Korean songs. Let me think for a second. I'll just type most of my favorite bands for now. I don't think some of them are bands. Oh well!

Uverworld, Flow....ummm...what else? Home Made Kazoku, Back-on, Changin my Life (MYCO), High and Mighty Color, Shinee, Exile, Super Junior, Gackt, Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, Tegomass, Orange Range........I don't know!! ARGH! I'll just pick.......FLOW! They are pretty cool. I love their songs! They are full of energy and awesomeness!

This song makes me extremely happy!