Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Manga Recommendation! Charming Junkie!

:D I'm really sorry for not posting anything about manga and what not. My first Exam is tomorrow so I'll post something on manga. Yay!

Charming Junkie - charming-junkie-manga photo
Instead of studying a few days ago, I went on the computer. I was supposed to do homework but that didn't really happen. I wanted something new to read so I looked a couple up. "Charming Junkie" popped up. When I read the description, I thought it would turn out bland. When I started reading it, it turned out very good. The story is kinda slow in the beginning but the plot started to bloom when I started to get into it. Its your typical shojo manga so I'm not complaining about how much romance is involved. I hope this manga would become an anime......I would totally watch it!!

You really have to read it because its really really really really really really really really really really really really funny!!! The Gender Bender part.....its so great. Hehehehe......^_^

The art is ok. Still the guys are pretty hot. :D The art gets better so you really have to read it!

Charming Junkie - charming-junkie-manga photo

Title: Charming Junkie
Author: Fukuyama Ryoko
Genres: Shojo, Comedy, School life, Romance, Drama, Slice of life, Gender Bender
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Age Rating: 13+ Teen
Status: Completed

Summary: (Forgive me, I have been caught by parents so I didn't have time to summurize it properly!! Its from mangafox.com by the way) Naka Kaburagi has all the qualities a model can have, well, not really all. After being dumped by her senpai cause she can't smile like a flower and has a scary face, Naka is determined to get her revenge and to show her senpai that she can smile like a flower just like his female idol Umi Kajiwara. After failing her 19th audition, Naka accidentally bumps into this great Umi but wait..... What is this!? Umi is A MALE!!? To keep Naka's mouth shut, Umi gives her the job as his co-model. Always being together and sharing a dark secret, Naka's road to successful modeling has a lot of troubles to come... Especially when Naka and Umi started to feel funny whenever they are by each other's side....

Charming Junkie - charming-junkie-manga photo

Please read this amazing manga!! I want to buy it.......too bad Tokyopop decided to close their publishing doors!!! ARGGH!!!! They published Charming Junkie......NOOOO!!!! I won't be able to buy unless on ebay or something!! Sniff Sniff......Why Tokyopop??!?!?! I would miss Kamichama Karin, Cardcaptor Sakura and other manga's that have been published by Tokyopop. I hope they are published by another manga publishing company. But I have always wondered.....why did Tokyopop close their doors? I don't know the reason so if you can, please comment!!

Wish me luck on my first Exam! :)