Thursday, June 9, 2011

Song Challenge Day 2! Least Favorite song

Whoa!! My blog now has 17,000 views!!! Not only that but 17 followers!!! I'm soo happy!! You know what? I would love to thank you guys for reading my blog!! Especially when you comment! It totally makes my day! :D

Now........what is my least favorite song? Well I have a couple but I will just say the one that I hate the most. The song that I hate the most is probably Friday by Rebecca Black. It is the most stupidest song ever!! I hate her voice!! I just hate it......if you actually like this song, well I kinda feel sorry for you and yeah and I'm sorry. I just can't listen through to the whole thing!! Is it safe to post the song on this post?


I'll just put it......I hate this songs guts!! If it had one. Wait! I don't like Rebecca Black!! Grr.....