Thursday, June 9, 2011

Song Challenge Day 2! Least Favorite song

Whoa!! My blog now has 17,000 views!!! Not only that but 17 followers!!! I'm soo happy!! You know what? I would love to thank you guys for reading my blog!! Especially when you comment! It totally makes my day! :D

Now........what is my least favorite song? Well I have a couple but I will just say the one that I hate the most. The song that I hate the most is probably Friday by Rebecca Black. It is the most stupidest song ever!! I hate her voice!! I just hate it......if you actually like this song, well I kinda feel sorry for you and yeah and I'm sorry. I just can't listen through to the whole thing!! Is it safe to post the song on this post?


I'll just put it......I hate this songs guts!! If it had one. Wait! I don't like Rebecca Black!! Grr.....



  1. I hate Rebecca Black too. Btw thanks for following my blog. Because of you,the last 2 days I got like 200 visits from here. Cool!! I'm so thankful for that.

    Btw you got a great blog here. I love anime and manga too (although I rarely post that in my blog),if I have the time to read it,I'll read every single one of your posts. Looks great!! I can't wait to read it :D

    btw where're you from?? I'm from Indonesia :)

  2. Haha!! Rebecca Black haters.....UNITE!!! LOL :D

    Anyways, Thank you very much for commenting!! I'm really happy to be of help to you! Your blog is really amazing and you really deserve people reading it!!

    When you said "I'll read every single one of your posts", I was freaking out because.....that sentence really really really really really made me happy!! > _ < (As you can tell..I'm a pretty positive and hyper person :D)

    So now back to your question.....I am proud to be from Canada Eh! ^_^

  3. Awww thanks. Ow Canadian,eh. Do they publish a lot of manga in there?? In Indonesia there are A LOT of manga freak and otaku. Although manga title like GTO just recently being published in here because majority of people still conservative in here,but I'm content with the manga titles available in here. :p

  4. I'm not really sure...but we do have tons of bookstores (bliss~) As long as we have manga books, I'm all good. I'm pretty sure that we have a couple manga freaks and otaku's but I'm sure we have alot.

    Its not like the US where Sailor moon is getting re-published. I hope it comes to Canada! :D

  5. Do you buy every manga or rent it or watch it on manga scan?? I'm very impressed with your blog,you watch so many animes and read so many manga. It's unreal. LOL

    I got bored easily if I have to read too many manga in one day or watch more than 3 episodes of anime per day. :(

  6. I actually read the manga online. If I really really love it, I'll buy it. My parents don't allow me to buy books very sucks. (I have tons of books....its not enough!!!)

    Reading manga and watching anime is quite normal for me. :D

    When I'm bored, I read a random manga or watch alot of anime. The reason why I read so many mangas because I have to wait for chapters to come out or because I just finish reading quickly. I really enjoy reading so many because I get to explore the manga awesome manga's out there. :)


If you have any manga/anime to recommend me, comment! If not, just comment anyways! They are always appreciated!