Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Song Challenge Day 22! A song you listen to when you're sad

This is pretty depressing, here I am, sitting here happily, reading manga and then the challenge today is 'a song you listen to when you're sad'. I'm pretty happy right now and now a sad subject is brought up. How depressing.......anyways! I always cheer myself up or friends do. What would you do when you're sad? I would probably do something to take my mind off of it or just cry. You know, its bad to keep the pain in. I'm sorry, I just had to tell the world that! :D

When I'm sad I listen to any song. I don't really care what the song is, as long as they make me happy. I love listening to Tegomass, NEWS.....or any boy bands. They always cheer me up! Plus all of them are pretty hot.......

Chu chu chu by Tegomass