Saturday, June 25, 2011

Song Challenge Day 18! A song that you wish you heard on the radio

As you can tell I really really really really really love Japanese songs. I want to hear Japanese songs on the radio. That doesn't really happen. Too bad I don't live in Japan........I want to go there soooo bad!! It would be soo much fun! > x <  My goal in life is to visit Japan once before I die! I want to see the pretty Sakura, go to the bookstore to buy a whole bunch of Manga's that can't be sold in Canada and US and go to the Music store and buy sweet Japanese music, eat food like Sushi a whole ton of hot Japanese guys!! :D I know I'm pretty pathetic.....but I do also have goals in life! I want to make a bunch of friends!

There is just sooo many songs I want to hear on the radio......well in kinda depends on the radio station you listen too. It would be cool to hear Japanese music on the radio though. There is a couple songs I want to hear on the radio.......I can't pick one! I have several......^_^ but for now I'll just put two. It won't kill anyone!

Sakura by Ketsumeishi

A fellow blogger recommended me the song "Sakura" by Ketsumeishi. I was really happy because she commented on my blog (that makes me really really extremely happy) and she recommended a really really really outstanding song. I just fell in love with the song. Its soo beautiful! Thank you SuicideMunchkin! 

You and Me by Daichi Miura

I know this guy isn't good looking but really, his singing is totally hot! I really love his songs!!